CcBear on the mend and feeling all the love!!

Thank you all so much for your positive words and encouragement from afar as me and my family tackle this diagnosis. I have been in the hospital now for 12 days, I'm in 5-days post operation. And the results are in! The tumor was benign! The intracranial pressure has resolved itself and the doc just came in to tell me the drain will be removed today! I still am VERY unsteady on my feet. The tumor was right in the balance zone of the brain so getting my feet back underneath may take a while. I have a 20-staple zipper right up the back of my dome... I'm ready to be home. Thank you soooo much for your encouragement and keep up the training. As soon as I am safely able to do so, I will out there too.


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  • ccbear, so glad to hear that the tumor was benign. wishing you a speedy recovery so that you can get back out there. Ali x

  • So glad to hear it all went well. Sending you lots of healing thoughts, take your time and let your body heal. Wishing you a bright day joon x

  • Wow!

    I`m so glad the tumour is benign and you can put all your efforts into getting back to full health. Good luck Ccbear on your road to recovery x

  • Good news about the tumour, hopefully you will be home before you know it. Wishing you a speedy recovery ccbear x

  • Well done ccbear, really good to hear from you and with good news too, smashing result. Take things steady the pavements will be there waiting for you when you are more able. There have been many of us thinking about you so its really good to hear such positive news. :)

  • Oh, that's wonderful news. I hope you'll be feeling a lot better soon :-)

  • Thats great news, I'm glad your starting to feel a bit better.

    Don't rush to get back to it! we'll all be here when your ready x

  • Such good news for you and amazing your thinking about us with so much to deal with, your one brave C25Ker!

  • Brillant - hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • simply the best (news) :)

  • Great news ... thanks for taking the time out to keep us updated. ... may your recovery be swift and straightforward.

    One thing I remember from my recovery from such a serious op is the sheer JOY OF BEING ALIVE as opposed to taking it for granted. I hope you get a large dollop of this feeling for yourself.

  • Yay! So glad to hear that you sound like you're already doing really well. x

  • So pleased to hear you are on the road to recovery. Take it easy one step at a time x

  • Literally this will be one step at a time. I've been lying in bed for two weeks and the tumor was removed for my balance center. I get extremely dzzy when I turn my head too quickly, been told 3-months to get it all back.... Or to drive etc! This road is going to be long.... Thanks for sending the love :)

  • Hi ccbear....I've been away on holiday and have just got back to the website.

    I think you're amazing. That is an overused word, but i think you are.

    Your first blog was inspirational enough ( I want a canvas with all those lovely quotes ! ) but the next ones were mind blowing !

    You will get better. The path to recovery will take a long time, but you know you will get there.

    Bet you'll be jogging by christmas !

    Good luck and keep us posted x x :)

  • Fantastic news ccbear - I'm so happy for you with the news that it was benign. What a difference the diagnosis must make to your outlook. I wish you a very speedy and successful recovery. It'll be great tohear you're back on your feet and eventually running. Take care.

  • I was right al along your no wussey Polar Bear you are just one great big giant of a Grizzily (with the attitude to match) Focus on running through the woods with the dewy morning air filling your nostrils (or in your case your nose!!!)

    Great to hear your on the mend with all this support it won't be long before your back running. From now on your ggBear thats Giant Grizzily Bear.

    Best wishes


  • Wishing you a super speedy recovery. Keep blogging and let us all know how you are getting on.

  • Great news about the tumor - hope you start feeling better soon. :)

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