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Feeling mentally up and down after running?

Usually, I run up and down a woodland track - nobody about, and I think it's been kinder to my previous ailments, - (knee and groin!) Yesterday I was working on the Wirral however, so I whizzed over to West Kirby and the sun came out! I had enough visual delights - the grasses, dunes, boardwalks, sunlight on Hilbre Island and a good breeze to keep me distracted enough to make it through the 20min run. (Wk 5 Run 3) I wanted to set myself up to achieve it.

I did it too, I was not out of breath at the end and was happy with my pace throughout, running on the sand for a bit was hard work. But I was surprised however at how much emotion bubbled out at the end, all teary eyed I was. It must have been the relief? Today however I've been in 'bad mood'? Is it my body recovering do you think? - are there hormones bouncing about during recovery?

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I was just the same - certainly teary towards the end of the run. I know every increase in distance is significant, particularly for those of us who have never really run before, but I think the 20 minutes seems up there with regular runners and the idea that we should all be doing 20 minutes cardiovascular 3 times each week etc etc, so it feels like a massive achievement, and I could hear all the lovely people on here yelling encouragement!. Also there is a sense that a lot of people dread it - I didn't for some reason, but was still relieved that I managed it. I was definitely in a bad mood the next day though as I injured my ankles in the process!!


I don't know about the hormones but well done on the biggie run. I'm not surprised you were a bit emotional at the end because that's the turning point in the programme and the one run, IMHO, that makes you feel like a runner 😊


There are a couple runs in the program that I teared up from. W5R3, W6R3 and W9R3. It's a big journey, and it releases all sorts of emotions as you succeed.


If I've got something on my mind it will come bubbling out as you put it while I'm running. My husband had some health concerns this summer, I was so worried about him there were often a few tears as I ran, but I felt better that than he should see them. If I haven't eaten enough I can get a bit grizzley, and sometimes a long slow plod can lower my mood rather than give me the runners high. For me that means a sprint at the end. It feels more physical than mental usually, and I wondered about hormones too. I used to be a swimmer and was always up afterwards, running can be a bit of a roller coaster.


I think C25K is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish for many of us. Our bodies often experience shock and pain as we progress. Gremlins play havoc with our minds and the highs experienced when reaching a milestone are amazing but many highs can be followed by a slump. 20 minutes is an amazing achievement - made me emotional too :-) I suspect they won't be the last tears you shed before you graduate!!


Aaaaahhhh.... the Wirral is such an aspirational place for me, want to go, never been.

I certainly can experience some difficult moods as well as or instead of feeling physically rubbish, for no apparent reason after I've overdone things for me (which isn't hard)... it's a pathological thing for me but knowing what it is is a big help... and it does go away if I just ride it instead of fighting it.


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