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Progress! Day12 broken leg-pain eased massively


Progress today. 😎

I couldn’t work out how to do exercises on my leg then realised sit on the stairs, edge to the floor and hey presto. Leg raises and sideways leg raises (with boot on for weights!) Then pilates ball under the knee and press down for knee strength ✅ Great feeling mentally to exercise positively.

I’ve made it to the garden finally and I’m pleased to see the swelling is going down a fair bit. Next job the toe nail varnish!

I’m doing all your runs with you in my head so keep it up!

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Oooh MelsieJay you’ve come a long way! Love the nail colour! Hope you continue to make great progress. Hugs!❤️

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Ha ha the nails need re doing but let hurts at that angle so will have to wait a while!


Fantastic 👍😁 check out Caroline Jordan Hurt Foot fitness programme on youtube her videos are great for non weight bearing and boot stuff too 👌

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Thank you it looks good. When husband goes back to work next week I will check it out. We were supposed to be in France but had to cancel and he doesn’t think I should be worrying about exercise. Frustrating!


Excellent! Nice nail colour.

in reply to Jay66UK

Ha ha not bad but needs doing badly now. (Or preferably doing well!) only I can’t get my leg at the right angle so will have to stay skanky a bit longer! You men have no idea 🙄

in reply to MelsieJay

In my defence I only complimented the colour, not the finish 😉


Perhaps we could start up 3 legged running as mine is my right ankle so we could .....oh no that won’t work 🤣🤣🤣

But I am lucky that I can bend my knee enough to do my toe nails. That are a ghastly coral at the moment that I put on to match my capris a week ago and needs to come off soon, in fact today I think and then I am going to use one of the gorgeous duochrome ones my daughter gave me and cheer my feet up.

I too need to do some sort of exercise before I end up with one thin leg and one muscly one.

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