Entered Great South Run!!!!! :)

Entered Great South Run!!!!! :)

Well i've gone for it! At running club last night, we did a 4.7m up and downy route, and i ran with a girl who has just done the Brighton Half, and had also done the Great South run 3 times. I really want to try this one as its nearby, i have until end of October -10 miles is do-able (i think!, not got past 6.5 yet!)is supposed to be GREAT, and i really want to do something around my 45th Birthday( 2 weeks before!)

So opened up my savings jar, which paid last yr for new trainers(never spent that much on shoes before IN MY LIFE!!) and my trip to Bournemouth 10k last October! And what do you know, £54 is in it, and the entry is £41 :) so all done and dusted, that should keep me motivated!! Now to persuade my brother to take up running again, as he said a few yrs back we would do it together! He ran the London marathon and GSR year back(around 15 i think!) so i will have to work on him!! :)


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  • Yeeeahhhh baby!! Well done ali. I'm like you - have never reached the sacred hallowed distance of 10 miles. But I know I can do it. Let's try and both reach that distance before too long. Whaddya say?

  • YEEEAHHHHH baby! Mind you i'm a bit achy just from yesterdays run! there is a training run on Sunday of 6 miles i might try, as my work has decided(hurray, they are listening to us AT LAST!) to shut on sundays for a while! think you're alot further on than me though!!! still haven't got much over 10.5k, poor creaky legs! hows the back??

  • Am gonna write a post about my back.....but better thanks!

  • look forward to that later then :)

  • great stuff aliboo :D it is very "doable" you will love it, a great experience, way to go you !! :D

  • Thanks Not so slow rob:) thought of it this morning but only just had time to break open the jar!! Will put rest back towards another running type thingy!!

  • Lots of running type thingy's to buy :D

  • Yup! have been good lately though have lots of stuff really! ,I wasn't supposed to open it til before my b-day(then a yrs of £1/50ps! worth) but figured as its for around then , its allowed! :)

  • well earned in my book :D

  • Ooh Ali that's exciting and plenty of time to increase your distance! You will definitely do that and have a great time in the process. Well done for entering, and Sundays off! How good is that! x :-)

  • Thanks No excuse! "Nothing ventured" and all that! Always wanted to give that one a go, so there we are! Went to the Mini GSR with my friends kids last year as they all ran, was a great atmosphere, so the real one will be really good i think! A friend at work did it last yr, and loads at the club (our club leader in penguin suit!) Will be a good motivator!

    Hope you're feeling better? you will be fine with you HM no problem :)

    And YES! sundays off for a while :)

  • The real thing will be fab Ali don't you worry. I'm still feeling grim and didn't go out today but I'm hoping I will get some sort of run in tomorrow. I'm a bit concerned that I'm running out of time, it was a last minute decision to enter and now I've had to give up on the training plan I'm not sure I will get the miles in before the tapering week. Fingers crossed the lurgy will begone by the morning x :-)

  • Hope so, you're made of strong stuff so don't forget that! Give yourself some TLC (or get your hubby to extra kind and run around after you!) , hope you feel better really soon, i'm certain you will be great in your HM :)

  • Hey great news...go for it!!!!

  • thanks pot58! should be good ! :)

  • Go for it Aliboo. Shall I tell you what is even more scary than paying so much for a pair of shoes - I've just put my first pair in the dustbin. The cushioning is shot to pieces and they are not even comfortable to just use as a pair of every day trainers! Still the new ones (exactly the same ones and my lovely man in the running shop agreed they were still the right ones for me) are now really comfy. Just hope that having allowed the old ones to mess up my ankles that they start getting better.

  • Thanks c4ts! :) I tend to hang on to my old ones too, so putting Brooks in the bin may be painful! :( Mine are ok yet, though i did buy some new bouncier insoles! Bet it feels nice in those new ones :) Hope your ankles improve for you soon! :)

  • See you there! I'm going to do this as it was my target when I got out on w1r1. I'm a Pompey boy and can't wait to go running round my hometown! Been to watch various family do it and now it's my turn! :)

  • When i first was going to take up running (2011, during off work period) my brother was trying to coax me to start and then do the GSR but it didn't happen(bought the trainers and that was about it!) started properly in 2014, so i reckon this should be the year(done 2x 10k races now) . I'm on the IOW so not far to go! Its going to be exciting! Good luck to us both ! :)

  • good stuff, good luck to you too! It is just so inspiring to see everyone do it :)

  • That is brilliant Alibooboo. Magnifique! I think it looks the most wonderful of runs to do - all those ships and pretty sights - I was thinking of this one myself - I shall see how I get on witht the Great Manchester Run !!! I'm sure if I can do 10K I should be able to do 10M - I mean K's and M's are just letters - it's the 10 which is important n'est pas? :))

  • Hey Ru-non, i thought that too, miles/km,whatever! Sure i wont feel that when it comes to it, but i need a bit of a challenge! Hope my legs cooperate! :) would be lovely to see you there, GMR no problem i reckon, tres bien et bon chance! :)

  • Useful European fact number 27:

    1 Sandanavian Mile = 10K.

    I shall not be running in Sweeden! :)

  • Eek! Ditto for me too! :)

  • Oh Ali, this is brilliant news . Yay , Go you, thats fab ! Plenty of time to train for it too ! Win - Win - Win ! :-)

    Yep , exciting times ahead for you , Wahey ! :-D xxx

  • Hi poppy

    hope it will be a good motivator, just out ofbed and feel like seized up old thing for first few mins!

    Hope your physio going ok, soonbe back for GMR with runon! :)

  • Hi Ali,

    Yep my hip is so much better thanks xxx I still have some discomfort in my right bum cheek, not a pain as such ,Ah I don't know how to describe it really :-)

    Hope youre okay xxx

  • A slight pain in the ASS?! Thats good news then! Sound like youre doing good, gal! Say Pah to pain! I'm ok thanks, dayoff tomorrow but dentist 1st thing :( only polish tho! :) saw your post, i know one other person from iow here and they dont show up!

  • Hi Ali, yep I am so much better thanks , Im going back on Tuesday for another massage ( with Dan's screams still ringing in my ears ha ha )

    Oh you'll have lovely shiny gnashers tomorrow, fab ! Thats good , no fillings :-)

    That people near me is a bit strange isnt it ? Not sure if its working properly , might be a few teething problems .

    Enjoy your day tomorrow, hi to Boz and Gorgeous George :-D xxx

  • No fillings! For now anyway, i usually have both apps together but hygienist was off the other week! Glad you are doing well, yes Dans post was funny but bit scary too! Hope yours is a bit easier! :)

    George dogdreaming at mo! :)

  • Aw its funny watching them dreaming isnt it ? If only we knew what they were dreaming about . Chasing cats and big juicy bones :-D xxx

  • Foxes, cats and food i reckon! :)

  • Ha ha yes, definitely ! :-) xxx

  • Well done Ali. You have plenty of time to put some miles in. You'll be fine x

  • Thanks mw, hope your lurgy is better today? I think i need an aim to keep me going! :)

  • I will try and work on him! Hope hecan keep up with me, and that smoking would have to go! It would be a treat! :)

    **Who said that? Yes please! Viennese finger for me with buttercream and choc dipped! :)

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