Great South Run report

Great South Run report

Sorry folks it's a long one.

Couldn't have picked a better day for a run along the seafront at Southsea, the sun was shinning, hardly any wind and to cap it off meeting up with fellow members of HU C25K. We arranged to meet and get a group photo (below), a nice touch by Aliboo who made a banner showing us as members of the C25K forum. Time to go to our respective holding waves, Boz was in a different wave and joined his section, Nick went to meet someone and I joined Aliboo and Paul in our respective green wave.

As this was my first proper event I didn't know what to expect, to be honest I was surprised at the amount of people who came out to support the run and that's not including the 25,000 entrants, it was busy! The atmosphere was great, there was lots going on and a thoroughly enjoyable day.

This was the first time that I had run with other people and found the pace with Ali and Paul was just right. I have read that if you can hold a conversation whilst running your pace is ok, I normally run on my own so talking don't come into it, but I did enjoy the company of Ali and Paul and having the occasional chat made the time fly by.

The run started westerly along the seafront with lovely views across the Solent and great support from people along the road side, from there we headed into Old Portsmouth which continued into the Dockyard past HMS Victory the oldest ship in our Navy (450 y/old). We were at 2 miles now leaving the dockyard and heading into the City, this took us past Victory naval barracks, University and onto our first water point. This was now 4 miles and I felt fine and moving quite easily, Ali's knee was holding up and now we were heading towards the seafront past the university campus turning along Southsea Common, still lots of support from people watching, what a great atmosphere!

The next section was to run along the seafront and in the opposite direction to the white wave who were running towards the finish line. We had just gone by the 6 mile marker and ahead of that was an overhead shower which you could run through to cool down, this was an opportunity not to be missed, Ali, Paul and myself were cooled off by the sprinklers (that was a nice touch). We were now on the last part of the run and Ali's knee was starting to ache as little but her pace was still steady and we were going passed quite a few runners, Paul provided encouragement which kept us going. 8 miles and still feeling good, I can't believe it!

We turned the corner and back onto the seafront but this time from the eastern end heading toward the finish line. At the 9 mile marker I pushed on a little while Paul kept pace with Ali, I thought we would meet up at the finish line but although I waited around a while it was so busy it was impossible to spot them (sorry). Now was the time to find my wife as I never spotted her on the way round either, thank heavens for mobile phones! Met my wife at the charity tent who I was running in aid of. What a great day this turned out to be, meeting some lovely members of C25K, lovely location and weather, what a way to spend a Sunday. Am I hooked running, you bet I am, thank you C25K. Hope your weekend was as happy as mine, happy running everyone.


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34 Replies

  • Brilliant Frank !

    Cracking post and I am so pleased that you enjoyed yourself and had a good day and met up with fellow C25k'ers and that you encouraged each other along the way .

    The Great Run series are really well organised events aren't they and always well supported .

    This running bug certainly gets under your skin , I wonder what youre planning next ? :-)

    Well done Frank, love reading that , it really brought it all to life and I love the photo

    Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, it was a great day and what a pleasure it was to meet and chat with the others. You never know one day I may be able to get up your way. Keep smiling 😊. Xxx

  • Yes I am going to write on my bucket list :

    " Run with Frank "

    There you are , see Ive got to do it now :-)

    I am so pleased that you had an enjoyable day. Good things happen to good people xxx

  • Thank you lovely lady. Virtual hug on its way. xxx

  • You too ((( ))) xxx

  • Frank, we have provisionally arranged with Poppy to do the Great Manchester Run . It's May 22nd. My birthday!. If you can make it that would be great. :)

  • Hi Paul, will see what I can do, I think I'm hooked on these events now!

  • It's great isn't it. I'm definitely adicted now. Great day out.

  • The Great Run events are very well organised arent they ? A bit pricey but a lot of charities benefit so its good :-) xxx

  • I've only ever done the GSR. Can't wait for Manchester now! xx

  • Congratulations on your fab run and what a lovely picture of the c25kers! I love Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, what a great location for the run! Hope you have a well earned rest now!

  • Thanks Sandra, it was a memorable day and a pleasure to meet other members of C25K. Enjoy all your future running.

  • What a great writeup - and a lovely sounding run! Well done all involved.

  • Thank you, it was a great experience one I will not forget. Happy running.

  • Well done Frank ! So pleased you enjoyed your first experience of running with others, most of us just do a parkrun but you have set the bar high with the GSR...

  • Thank you HP, it was something I won't forget in a hurry. Enjoyed every minute and will probably find another in the not to distant future.

  • Sounds like you all had a great day. How nice to be able to meet up with other C25kers!

  • Yes it was a great day, and great people.

  • Thank you Ully, it was something worth doing and I will now do again.

  • That sounds fabulous Frank. Great report and great photo of you all. Really well done. I hope you've been using the knobbly one well since!

  • Thanks IP, yes it was a great day and nice to meet everyone and that little knobbly devil has helped loosen the calf muscles a treat, painful at times but worth it!

  • Sounds brilliant I really want to do it next year and want to even more now I have read your post ! Well done ! :)

  • Thank you, and I would recommend it, it's something I won't forget in a hurry.

  • Great post Frank. Was a pleasure running with you. What a great day. May see you at the Chichester 10K in Feb? Sounds like a good course for pb's. Yes sorry we missed you at the end. You did brilliantly. Me and Ali both liked your running style. Looked effortless. You are very light on your feet!.

  • Thanks Paul, and yes Chichester 10k sounds good. I did like the pace at the beginning, that left me with a little in the tank at the end. Now I have a time and distance to work with I may try a HM next year.

  • Yes we paced it pretty well. Normally i am totally one pace but amazingly my last Km was my fastest so i think we judged it perfectly. I have no doubt at all that you will do the HM. You could probably have done another 3 miles sunday .

  • Congratulations - what a great day.

  • Thank you, it was a smashing day and I am very pleased to have entered. This is a great forum and I am pleased to have met some nice people from it.

  • nice to have met you Frank. Some replies that have come through show from Frank 51, is that you too or do you have an imposter??!!

    well done on doing such a great job on your run!

    my internets off at home as broken so just doing replies from dads! :X

  • Hi Ali yes that is me as well, I don't know what happened but I lost access to HU, reregistered and had to change my login then my original login came back? Now I don't know how to cancel Frank51. Better contact admin. I will have to wait to the new year to see how I'm fixed but I would like to go to the Great Manchester run, that sounds a great event, fingers crossed.

  • Well done. Sounds a great day and what a fantastic achievement ☺

  • Thank you, I would recommend entering an event like this to anyone, it made for a very enjoyable day.

  • 25,000 runners! Crikey!!!

    Well done Frank, Aliboo and co! Sounds like you had a fab day. Great venue! I bet the run route was really interesting. I bet it made the run pass much more quickly.

    Have a fews days off folks!

  • Thanks miss W. It was a memorable day that's for sure, and the time did pass quickly. I think the company I had also helped that along, lovely C25K 'ers.

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