Another Great South Run post!!😀

Another Great South Run post!!😀

Had such a good time today at the Great South Run! The only disappointment was not making it In time for the C25K meet up (so sorry Frank and Ali - next time maybe!) Portsmouth was buzzing and the event was extremely well organised, as you would expect from Great Run Series. Lots of toilets meant that our loo queues were not too bad!! I had gone down with my sister, niece and family so plenty of support! It was, as Aliboo said, pretty cold first thing and I was glad I had my hoody with me at the start of the run. Equally glad to be able to throw it in my husbands general direction at about 1 mile! As usual, I went off too quickly (possibly because I started with my sister who is a bit more experienced at these kind of distances than me😮). We ran together for the first couple of km but then she eased ahead for a bit. Caught her up for a while, later on but she eventually disappeared slowly in to the crowds ahead! The weather was pretty perfect for running actually and the race was incredibly well supported all the way round. Saw some very brave folk in fancy dress, including a cute pink hippo and one runner dressed as a rhino (that must have felt hot!) I felt comfortable up until just under 7 miles and then had a short stretch where I felt quite hot and the faster pace was telling, I think! Eased up a little and started to feel more comfortable so I mostly enjoyed the last couple of miles. The approach to the finish line was a joy to behold, although I really had nothing left in me for a fast finish unfortunately! Crossed the line in 1:35:13 (PB) so really pleased with that, and only a minute and a half behind my sister. Had managed to spot the family on two places around the course and the kids enjoyed handing out the obligatory jelly babies to passing runners! After getting our goody bags and the all important medals, my sister and niece had to shoot off home. The rest of us went for lunch and then on to the Historic Dockyards, and yes, the low ceilings and steep steps on HMS Victory are far more uncomfortable after a 10 mile run! 😮 A great day out though and I really loved the course. Think I'll be back next year😀

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  • Great story, makes me want to do it myself. Still long way to go, but patience is the key I guess.

  • Thank you. Just keep putting the miles in and maybe next yeat. It's a great day!

  • Hi Sandra

    Well done on your excellent time! We are both in the 1.35 club now! 😊

    Hopefully we'll meet up next time! Nice your family were there to suppport you! I saw the rhino too,the lady was on the tv coverage we watched. And a guy with his friends guiding him running the whole thing backwards! Amazing!

    *but how did you find shortish loo queue ?all the ones I got in were really long and I had to give up as it was time to start! luckily I'd been to one earlier that wasn't so bad! 😊👍

    Typically I've woken up really early so having cuppa! x

  • I think we were lucky re the loo's Ali! Didn't see the guy running backwards. Going to watch the tv coverage today as I'm now on half term (hooray!) x

  • We are just watching it again with paul! We've seen 2 people we know! 😊

  • Ps happy half term! Great timing!😊😆

  • Well done Sandra, sounds like you had a great day, excellent time you finished in and very close to mine and Ali. We crossed the line with our arms in the air, looking forward to viewing the photos later. Hope you recovery is ok today! 😎

  • I cannot tell a lie - my legs ache this morning, Frank. But I am still smiling!☺

  • Sounds like an ace day - and that time is fantastic! It's a 10 miler, right?

  • Yep, it is a 10 miler. Some good runs from the c25k hang!☺

  • Wow great pace Sandra. really really well done! great job x

  • Thanks Noaky, think it might be one for next year too.☺

  • Well done! That sounds fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it :D

  • Well done Sandra, that's a great time! All the training clearly paid off 🙂and you must be chuffed. You've been so consistent and it showed on the day.

    I've always admired people who run in fancy dress. Blimey. But they make me giggle too 😂

  • Thanks Irishprincess! It was a great day! I love to run on my own, but there is something special about a mass run too, such a great sense of cameraderie🙂

  • A brilliant post and photographs Sandra.. wow, what a super run. You did brilliantly too!

    Great to know there were so many friends running there, even if you did not manage to meet up... :) Always next time. I cannot imagine running that far ever...but then.. how many of us felt at the start of C25K that we would never run 5K..ever :)

    Well done you xxx

  • Thank you Oldfloss! Lovely lovely day. And yes, I can well remember my journey to 5k. It really is just about persistence! Dare to dream😀!

  • Well done Sandra, such a great time! You'd be home with your feet up having a cup of tea by the time I'd finish 😄


  • Thanks Madge50🙂!

  • Well done Sandraj39.. et all..sounds like you had a great day. well done.😊10 miles is amazing.x

  • Lovely photos Sandra and congratulations to you and your sister for finishing with great times. :)

  • Well done, great time. I was way behind you all at 1.50. Glad you enjoyed it and sorry not to have met up. The crowds were great weren't they. Nothing like a bit of high fiving with kids to take your mind off things.

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