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Wk7 Run2 🏃‍♀️ complete

Hi - I can’t believe I have only just found this forum - I’m on my third attempt at C25k after twice failing before week 5/6 .... I’m so determined this time and tonight completed Wk7 run 2 and I’m running for 25 mins none stop amazed! Curious to know what everyone does to warm up and down apart from the warm up walk? Any exercise tips?

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Welcome and great job. Those other attempts were just practice runs... maybe you weren’t quite ready to see how awesome you are.

You could add some dynamic stretches before the run, have a google, there’s lots of videos online. Static stretches after the run are recommended too... they’re in the guide in the pinned posts. Also strength and flexibility work on rest days helps a lot.

You got this now... enjoy closing it out.


Thank u so much for the feedback - I have no idea about stretches - I will have a google to make sure I’m doing them right - would hate to injury myself now when I’ve come so far this time!


Just make sure the static ones are after your workout... doing them cold can do more harm than good, and pre run they can reduce stability. Dynamic ones are what they say on the tin, you’re not holding the stretch for long and they mimic (an exaggerated) running movement.

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Well done on getting this far! I would not have been able to get through the programme without the support of this forum - it is fantastic. Whatever query you have, someone will have the answer; whatever problem you are facing, someone will have faced it and won through. My only warm up is the 5-minute walk they talk you through on the app - having said that, though, my 5-minute walk is up a hill that is almost vertical so it's like a series of really deep lunges and stretches rather than a simple walk! When I go to Park Run I see lots of people galloping sideways so maybe that loosens up the hips but I guess it's a matter of finding out what will be most beneficial. Increasing your general fitness will help, too, so find something that you enjoy for your 'rest' days, maybe swimming or cycling? Good luck with the rest of the programme!


Yes, I’ve only just found it too. Congratulations on your W7 R2 - I’m 1 run behind and still can’t quite believe that it’s really me when I’m running - really enjoying it though!


Hi - I'm on W8 and about to do R3.... and, as during my 'journey' I've had a bit of achilles pain, I've been doing some 'eccentric extensions' which is basically standing with the ball of your feet on a step and dropping down your heels with legs straight, lower than the step, to create a stretch, and hold; then rising up on tip toes and repeat a few times. These are good strengthening exercises. So not a warm up/cool down as such!


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