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W8 - tick

So, after a great run 1 I was looking forward to run 2. When I woke up I didn't feel unwell, but didn't feel right. I headed off for the run (I drive & park) I wasn't feeling positive but put it down to gremlins. I started the run and after 5 mins my heart rate shot up and I was sweating like I did in w1. Anyway, after 10 mins I was sick. I gave up on the run and started walking back to the car - I felt so cold and although feeling not well I was so annoyed I 'only' ran 10 mins. What a turn around... A few weeks back I couldn't run 10 mins, and I was annoyed I only ran 10 mins when ill.

Anyway, today I did w9r1. It was actually pretty easy. I was knackered at the end, but it was so positive. Ran over 5k too. I don't care about graduation because I don't see that as a completion point. I will keep running 3 times a week anyway.

To anyone starting out - we all have our ups and downs. Just keep going. You can do it... so many of us have.

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Very true words, sometimes we have bad runs , sometimes we have great runs , its all experience.

Sorry you werent well , you did the right thing in cutting it short, good to hear you came fighting back and smahed Week9R1

Well done Chris :-) xxx


That's an interesting point, just a few weeks ago you couldn't run 10 minutes, now you're cross because you "only" ran 10 minutes. Hang on to that it will serve you well in the future when you have runs that aren't so good as you hoped for. Did you feel ok afterwards? That sounds very flu-ey to me...


I was fine after a day or so. It was a minor stomach bug I think - just got exasperated by the running motion.

I think everybody feels the same when they don't do the whole run. I am actually going to go back and do a w1 or w2 run when I graduate to see just how far I've come. Could be interesting.


Glad you got over your bug ok and sounds like you cruised your next run. As far as graduation goes you will have completed a stage in your running which is a great achievement and a stepping stone to a whole new world of running for you :D


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