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Week 9 Run 1 tick :-)

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I did it !! I really got myself stressed yesterday and was convinced that i would end up walking. but ...............I got up early this morning and drove to the gym ..........watching breakfast tv,..........I ran and ran, not letting myself check how long i'd been running for until I thought i was over halfway through . When I finally looked, I had 5 mins running to go . It certainly wasn't easy . But I did it , 2 more runs to fit on by xmas eve. I am determined that i will graduate by 6 o'clock on Christmas eve :-) Watch this space ..............(hopefully)

I know for a fact that I wouldn't be feeling this positive if it wasn't for the 'Couch25K crowd.' Everyone is so full of good tips and encouragement , Thankyou for everything so far

:-) :-)

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Fantastic, kazzers! So pleased you've laid your c25k ghosts to rest! :)

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Thanks so much oona:-)

Good going Kazzers, i will be on here Xmas eve waiting for you to say you have done W9R3! Good luck, Ed x

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Hey Thanks Ed ..........I won't keep you waiting :-) :-)

Merry Christmas !!

I will be watching..... (and very jealous by the way!) Ed x

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What a great Christmas present! I hope you keep up the running in the new year too.

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Where are you Ed?? In the whole running malarky ?? (which week?) :-0

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BigEd in reply to kazzers

Hi kazzers i done the W4R1 this very evening. i have a blog to that effect in the 'community blogs', feel free to comment, shout, take the mick as you feel fit :-) Ed x

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kazzersGraduate in reply to BigEd

hey . I'll have a look Ed............keep running .........if I can do it anyone can

. :-))...............just did run 2 . .................keep running :-)

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I will definitely be keeping it up mdec. I am going to sign up for the Oxford Town and Gown in May........... not expecting any miracles but if I can just complete that distance by then, I'll be thrilled to bits !!

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We will be graduating the same day! Good luck but I don't think you need it :). What an amazing achievement.

LazyMoo x

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kazzersGraduate in reply to Lazy_moo

So exciting lazymoo :-) Good luck to you too :-)

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