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Couch to 5K
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Week 5 - nailed!

Hi there thanks to you all I made the dreaded 20 minute run!

A dark windy and wet Tunbridge Wells saw me succeed at 10:30 last night! I could be seen pumping my fists in the air like Rocky outside Tesco express with a superior look on my face as I glanced at the parade of take-away shops that I have studiously avoided over the last 5 weeks.

Onwards to week 6!

One quick question. Whist I enjoy the feeling on completing each challenge, when do I get to enjoy the time when I'm actually jogging! 😉

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Well done Laurie J, great feeling getting that one out of the way. The pleasure for me comes when I stop at the end of the run!


Thank-you for that Old_git...

Ok fair enough- to be honest that feeling at the end makes it worthwhile anyway..L


Congratulations. You did it! That's a big milestone for any runner so you have every right to feel superior.

Everyone is different when it comes to actually enjoying the run. It'll make a big difference, psychologically, when you've graduated and then one day you'll be running and not even thinking about it and that's when it happens!


It will come....honestly...remember this is still all very new and at the moment it is one challenge at a time. But, if you can do the 20 mins you are well on the way to being able to do the running without thinking. Making good progress...


Well done Lauriej1 you must be so proud of yourself. 😊


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