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Double w4r1

So, this might seem odd, but i dont get to run very often in a week (usually once, or maybe twice). So to challenge myself (slightly sadistic i know), i run a double set each time i do it. So this morning, i completed w4r1, skipped back to the start of the 5min warm up walk, and then did it again. Actually not hating it (which surprises me), but i just looked at the w5 requirements.. 20MINS RUN!!!!! Ermmmm.... panicking already...

Keep pushing forwards. :-)

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Great that you are so keen, but I'd be careful of doing too much at your stage, the programme is designed to get you through just as it is. There's plenty of time for pushing yourself when you've graduated. xx


Thanks CG2.. Its going ok so far, but being very careful. not going fast anywhere. My average pace over the two sessions (including the walking) is around 14mins per mile. But I heed your advice and am keeping a close eye on knees/ankles etc for any pain.


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