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Week 7 broke me ...... nearly


Still on holiday and today is Week 7 Run 3 - I’m still chuffed that I have maintained the program even whilst on holiday so was looking forward to the run this morning.

Well that was short lived - every minute was bad and then the worst thing happened at the 13 minute mark - the gremlins won and I gave up!!!

Walked back to the pool broken and shattered feeling totally demoralised because this was the first time the program had beaten me.

So I was laying on the sun bed and thinking - what did I do different? Well I started the run at a quicker speed than usual which was probably a silly thing to do!

Then my head is buzzing - surely I can go back to the gym now and try again but start slower and build it up? Or should I have a rest day!?

My head won - of I go back to the hotel gym and start off slower - next thing I know I’m half way through and I’m feeling great - so now every minute that passes I increase the speed a little until I get to the 25 minute mark and holy moly I keep running to 28 minutes !

So week 7 done - the gremlins tried to beat me and nearly did but I kicked them back in the goolies by proving that week 8 increased time will not stop me either.

I’m now a grinning like a Cheshire Cat now!

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A run can always be salvaged by stopping for a breather. Don’t bother with speed at this point! We keep saying it, and it’s true. No need for speed. It’s just too soon. Anyway, well done for having another go and nailing it 💪👍😃🏃‍♂️✅.

Yeah you should have had a rest day but i can understand that it was needling you 😃.

Enjoy the rest of your hols 👍

sallensonGraduate in reply to misswobble

"Stopping for a breather"? I think I signed up under the old contract that said "If you stop we gun you down and jump up and down on your grave and nick your phone and your Heart Rate Monitor thing. Got that?"

Apparently it contravened the Human Rights legislation.


Well done and it aint getting any cooler either! What speed arre you running at out of interest?

Ray1972Graduate in reply to Jonno34

Jonno - I normally run 7.6km/hr-first try today I put it at 8.0km for the first 12 minutes - this second run I was as 6.8km/hr until halfway then incremented it to 7.6km/hr by the end

Well done you! I’m absolutely not running on my holiday I’m drinking wine and sunbathing 😂😎🍹thats what I’m working towards! I have never ever gone to the gym whole staying in hotel, I am impressed with your resolve 👊🏻


Well done, Ray. See? Gremlins can get beaten up. You're in the right mental zone now to knock this blighter right over the boundary. Lovely job, tiger :-)

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