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Pls advice - should I consider it graduation run ? before the training complete?

Pls advice - should I consider it graduation run ? before the training complete?

Week 8 & run 2

What a start

As soon as I wanted to start the podcast I got nasty surprise

Somehow all the pod-cast were deleted

So now what... I cant go home without run ! - just because pod cast died

So started runtastic

Took a new route

Got my fav music on

And off I go !!!!

When I completed the run I was surprised lol 😄😄😄

I managed to click the new record

Distance - 5.20 km

Time 40.19 min

I wanted to run for 28 mins only as for week 8 - but I was able to run for 40 mins non stop lol 😃😃😀😀 hurray

I shouted on the track getting the attention of walkers there but who cares !! I was happy on top of the world wanted to jump and shout


Now the important part !!

Now a big question to all

Should I complete the training and go as program says or should I consider it as complete and go ahead to the new goal ?

Pls advice

Thanks in advance


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Well get you! Blimming well done! Great time too! I think most people here would say you should complete the programme, at least run 30 mins 3 times before you ask for your badge, but if your podcasts have disappeared.... why not see how you go next time? If you don't make 30 minutes so be it, but I think you will...


Wow, well done! I bet you feel amazing.

There is a pinned post on the right which tells you that the official graduation requirement is to complete three runs for 30 minutes, so I would stick with that before you claim your badge.

You are a winner though!



Well I will stick to the run

Week 8 will be done but with time of 30 mins this time

Week 9 as it comes



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