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Wow 5k race before training complete

Wow 5k race before training complete

Hi all

Today morning was a dream come true for my life

I ran the first 5 k race of my life with my family ( my mom 57. My wife 29. My son 7 years old )

I was the patron runner so didn't considered me for the prize - but who cares?

I ran the race and stood 6 in all the patron runners

I will be starting my week 8 run 1 soon

To today's score

It was 4.5 km


30 mins ( that's waht my gps told me

When asked the organiser they told it was a 5 k track

I don't know which one is more accurate


All of us except my son completed the race

This is only because you people out there who supported me time to time and guided me how to go ahead

And off course Laura (NHS)

Thanks you

Will be starting week 8 run 1 day after tomorrow


Keep running

( I m the one in yellow tee

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Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Well done all of you, you all looked really pleased with yourselves, and so you should be. Great pictures, they are the first of many I'm sure!

Happy running!



Thank you


Many Congratulations to you and your lovely family !

Lovely photos, you all look so happy !

Well done to you all , and keep going and keep posting ! :-) xxx


Lovely post, lovely pictures. Sounds like a fantastic run and great time too :D


Fantastic post! So lovely to hear about your wonderful run. Best wishes to you and your family. Enjoy the rest of the programme


What a great thing to do as a family ! I hope they decide that the event worked well enough to do it again in the future. Best wishes for completing the programme .


Oh well done to you all Virani! What a brilliant experience.


What lovely story! Lovely pictures too, you all look sooooo happy, as you should do! A dream come true indeed xx


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