W 5 - R 1 wow with pictures

W 5 - R 1 wow with pictures

Well to confess as per last post I was recommended that I can directly jump to week 5

So I did it !!! And ACHIEVED IT!!

I used a pod cast and was really fun to run with it

I enjoyed the run

I was so exited to do it that after completing the course. I didn't stopped and run for full 6 km in 48 mins and some sec LOL.

To come to numbers






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  • Hi, this is really impressive but I don't think this is doing NHS Couch to 5K. Perhaps you don't need it? (Although we do find that people who are very fit but tend to be a bit boom and bust and don't have a fitness habit or overdo things and get injured can get benefits from it)

  • Yes- don't think this was C25K Week 5 - that only takes about 30 minutes. But - all the same , a 6.5 Klm run at 7:27 per k is not to be sneezed at - good work!!

  • Thanks

    I had completed my workout of 30 min was excited so went ahead

  • Very good - great effort then - but don't over do your enthusiasm :)

  • Thanks

    Yes this is not the same app as its not available in my country....

    I will surely take care that I don't over do.

  • Well done, Viraniparvez. You don't need C25K as the target has already been achieved. You need to choose what to do next.


    Lord Obe

  • I tend to agree with the above. If you enjoy the podcasts to run to and you find yourself exceeding the C25K program then you might enjoy some of the C25K+ ones instead. Never used them myself as I prefer to run 'naked' but I believe a lot of people get good results from using them

  • I agree, it seems that you don't need C25K, maybe C2-10K would be more suitable

  • Ok - I'll disagree. I started C25K in a similar position to yourself. I was probably fitter at the start of the programme than the average newbie here, but I wasn't a "runner". Previous attempts at running have had me go too far, too soon. I've messed up and given up. By following the discipline of repeating every week's run 3 times minimum (sometimes I repeated up to 6 if I wasn't absolutely certain I was ready to move up) and not moving up the levels too quickly too soon, I found that by the time I graduated that I was really enjoying it.

    My major variation to suit me was to commit the heinous sin of running more than 3 times a week (shock, horror, outrage!!!). I'm fully aware of all the issues around it, and believe me, I monitor for every minor niggle that might come my way. However, I'm not overtaxing my muscles on this and I know that my personal recovery time is less than 2 days (I'm used to cycling 100-150 miles a day for 4 or 5 consecutive days - you have to recover overnight). I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you know exactly what you are doing. However, going for a jog 5 or 6 days a week hasn't been a problem for me. I'm not burning out or losing my enthusiasm. I just enjoy waking myself up in the morning with a bit of fresh air.

    What has always been a problem in the past is doing too much too soon in a single session or jumping up in distance too quickly. I've used the discipline of the programme not to overreach myself in individual sessions. I'm now in the process of moving up to my next target of a sub 60 minute 10K. I'm working my own routine out but it's a mix of sessions: a 30 minute (6K) run for one session, followed by the podcast interval session followed by a longer gentler run where I'm steadily increasing the time by 5 minutes per week (currently on 50 minutes - 8.5K). I'm repeating this carousel at least twice before moving up a level. When I hit my 10K sub 60, I'll try and consolidate.

    I would recommend that you follow the programme through to the end of week 9 to consolidate what you have. That will prevent you moving too fast too quickly. Once you are there, think about where you want to go next.

  • Yes - where's the harm in starting at Week 1 and just doing what you are told? There's no rush and the programme is only 9 weeks (less in fact if you are in a position to run every other day, which is absolutely in line with the prescribed programme if it suits your personal schedule) Equally there isn't much point doing them or asking for input here, if you don't really want to do the programme but just run for as long or as fast as you can. There are loads of resources out there for people who can already run.

    I am surprised if the NHS C25K podcasts are not available in India. Perhaps things have changed recently as I am pretty sure we have had people doing it there (with lots of heat challenges as I recall!)

  • Hi

    Well podcast is available but not the app :-(

  • Wow

    Thanks for the advice

    Even I plan the same

    I will go through entire program and then prepare myself for 10 k

    Thanks for the advice again

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