Pressure cooker recipes

My kids are both vegetarian, they love my Red hot Chilli pepper soup, some fresh granary bread and butter, they love it

2 Onions

2 Red peppers (deseeded)

2 large red chillies (deseeded)

2 pints of water

3 veggie stock cubes

6 minutes in the pressure cooker, then hand blend, a really tasty fresh soup

I wanted to try something chickeny, I bought two chicken legs for about 90p, again 2 fried two chopped onions, the thighs went in, chopped up some mushroom, and potato, I put it on and brought it up to temperature, 10 minutes later I switched off the hob and went for my run, the soup had cooled nicely while I was out and was still cooking for a long time. I got back, sieved out the chicken, removed the skin and bone, and diced the chicken, hand blended what was in the pan and added the chicken, I have never tasted chicken soup like it, it was delicious

Would love to hear anyones favourite soup recipes, or actually anything pressure cooker related


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21 Replies

  • That sounds flippin' gorgeous Jase ! Gis some :-) xxx

  • Oh you have to have the brocolli and cauliflower first, sounds horrible, looks even worse, my kids didnt want to taste it, gave it a swirl of single cream and a sprinkle of grated cheddar, my kids said it was delicious

  • Oh I love all veggies, well I say all, Im not too keen on parsnips , dont know why really just cant take to them for some reason.

    Sounds delicious, Miss W is a fab cook, you should swap recipes, shes always got something bubbling away in the pot :-) xxx

  • If ever Im doing anything in the oven, I always put a few baking potatoes in for an hour or so, baked spud, remove the potato and mash with cheese and chives, deep fry the potato skins, put the cheesey mash back in, grate more cheese on top, and grill. Serve with sour cream and salsa, for non veggies, sprinkle some bacon bits into the melted cheese x

  • Blimey ! That sounds delicious , fab stuff ! xxx

  • Sounds delicious and if feels like I have entered a parallel universe of a recipe blog. I really want to get into pressure cooker cooking!

  • The golden rule is not to over fill the pressure cooker, half full of liquid is the rule. My favourite post run treat used to be rice pudding, 200g of pudding rice, and two pints of full fat milk in the pressure cooker, I used to cook the rice in the pan with a large knob of butter, its healthy and delicious

  • Forgot to mention, add 40g of sugar after its cooked, if you add it before it just ruins the pan xx

  • Next time you have the oven on, cube some butternut squash & roast for about 45 minutes.

    The soup is butternut and chilli... but I don't have a pressure cooker.

    I reckon you'll chuck an onion, some potatoes, ginger powder and chilli into a pressure cooker with some water. Once it's cooked, allow to cool & then liquidise with the butternut. It'll go a lovely colour.

    Reheat in a pan with some coconut milk, and check the seasoning. You might need some freshly-grated black pepper and a sprinkling of sea-salt.

    Serve with a sprinkling of freshly-chopped coriander and what we call pub bread - great chunks of granary bread. My boys refuse to eat granary or seeded bread (unless we just call it Pub Bread in which case they love it).

  • butternut squash, and chunks of carrot are lovely roasted with a sunday lunch. Put it all in a big bowl add a glug of olive oil mix it round till the vegs are covered in oil, add grated pepper and roast for about an hour.

  • I leave chilli seeds in feeling hot, hot, hot!

    i am a one pot wonder woman. Tonight's offering was mixed fish chowder

  • "Delicious!" to all recipes mooted here! I do a smoked haddock chowder which goes down very well. Anything that can be cooked in one pan is great in my books. Currently working my way through my new cookbook by Anjum Anand called 'I love Curry'. I love the book: sooooooo tasty and simple!!

  • I don't have a pressure cooker but make a lot of soups using the following basic format. Sweat onion in a bit of butter or oil for a few minutes. Add the spices you are going to use. Add veg of choice, sweat for a few more minutes. Add chicken or veg stock (a cube is ok but if you use cubes, don't add extra salt). Simmer until veg soft. Blend or mash. Add cream if you like, or a dollop of creme fraiche, and/or a swirl of olive oil.

    Combinations I use:

    Parsnip, with spices such as cumin, coriander, ginger, all spice.

    Leek and potato, with nutmeg

    Butternut squash and carrot, with caraway, nigella seeds, cumin, sage

    Broccoli, blue cheese (preferably Stilton) added at end

    Mushroom, thyme, always lots of cream

    Tomato, basil and thyme

    All take less than 30 minutes, make double and refrigerate or freeze half for another day.

  • One of the advantages of pressure cooking is the reduced cooking times, think 6 minutes for a soup versus 30 minutes in a pan, my pressure cooker cost £20, once it's puffing away I turn the gas down to a simmer, basically cooking the same meal for a fifth of the price

  • Err................where am I?..............

  • My chicken and sweet corn soup

    This is a truly delicious, soothing soup, especially on a cold winter day or for someone who has a cold or flu.

    Half a chicken breast chopped up into largish pieces. One diced onion. Celery. A small bag of frozen sweet corn. Put all in a large pan with two Knorr chicken stock cubes. Fill pan with water. Bring to boil and cook for 30/45 mins or a little more till the water is reduced to about half.

    Remove the chicken pieces. Liquidise or hand blend what is left in the pan. Now dice the chicken into smaller pieces and put back in pan. Guests who had it always called it 'absolutely delicious.'

  • That sounds good, how many does it serve?

  • Hi Curlygurly2, easily four people. There are two of us at home now. I still make the same amount and we have enough for two days, a bowl each. Obviously if you want to serve more increase in ingredients.

  • No that sounds great, I'm quite a small eater.. half a chicken breast for 4 servings? A bargain!

  • When I tried the same soup using chicken drumsticks, the taste was not as nice. If you want to use more chicken breast it is up to you. Here we normally have soup as a starter followed by a main meal. But we also gave this soup as a snack for suppertime.

  • Crikey, just come across this thread - I'm thinking of moving in!

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