Bath Skyline - Race 1

Bath Skyline - Race 1

Well, perhaps it would have been a better day to stay in bed. After the early morning D&V explosions, things went from bad to worse, although stopped short of worst case scenario.

Last minute purging meant we left late, then just before we got there, my daughter, who had volunteered to come and support/look after me as she was the only one unaffected, suddenly projectile vomited all over the car and herself.

Luckily I had all my post race change of clothes to hand so she was able to get changed and then we aviled ourselves of the facilities in the Bath Uni Sports centre to get properly cleaned up. She felt much better so I went ahead and ran. Shouldn't have. Felt like a zombie.

The description of the course as 'muddy and technical' was no exaggeration. Lots of very steep slippery bits in the woods, pretty much the first of which I went head over heels on, banging my hip quite hard, then after staggering on a few paces, promptly threw up in the bushes.

After that, things did not get any worse at least, and I even managed to pick up my pace a bit on the second lap. race wasn't chipped so no proper idea of time. Not quick. 1.10-1.15 ish, including vom break.

Home again now. Hot bath. Chicken soup and breadsticks.

Have a couple of whacking bruises on my hip and left leg is terribly stiff after the drive home. Car is malodourous. Got the medal though. Set wouldn't have been complete if I hadn't got the first one.


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9 Replies

  • Gosh, you're game Rignold! Well done sir, a miraculous feat all things considered. Hope you & the rest of the family get better very soon xxx

  • thats really impressive Rignold! Hope you get a chance to rest up now, thats superhuman effort on your part, well done for completing it against the odds! :)

  • Oh my goodness...I'm in awe. What a challenge that was. Well done to you Rignold. Hope you're all feeling lots better very soon xx

  • Hats off to you! I have no idea how you dragged your ass out of bed & ran 10k with D&V! Hubby to be wasn't well last night either but whatever it was wasn't contagious as I'm unaffected and managed a 5k PB today :D Hope you feel better soon! x

  • Bloomin' eck Rig, that's pretty hard core! I take my hat off to you too. If anyone had a cast iron excuse for staying in bed it was you. Congratulations on actually finishing and in a very respectable time too and, especially, for avoiding the 'worst case scenario'. Hope you and daughter are both feeling better soon. Perhaps (dare I suggest it?) you should have a very quiet and restful week, to allow yourself to heal properly :) Take care

  • A gold medal for determination to you sir :D

    I hope your injuries mend quickly, and your bug clears up soon. With grit and determination like that, the bug should take flight in horror immeditely :)

  • Good grief !! Was that wise ? Glad you managed to finish in one piece and hope you make a full and speedy recovery. (So glad I wasn't running behind you !!)

  • blimey thats a catalogue of disasters for you. I wish I had known about that as I would probably have signed up, my lad would have loved that!! Well done you I think thats a great time for a trail run. I hope you feel better soon...take care and rest up!!!

  • There's still 3 more, Ju, Dec 7, Jan 18 and Feb 15.

    Thanks all for kind wishes, am feeling much more human now. May have a day off tomorrow though.

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