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Blood pressure and GP practice unaware of C25K

I have an underactive thyroid so I went for my routine blood tests this morning. Since last time the only thing I have consciously changed is doing C25K. I asked the practice nurse to take my blood pressure as well and my it has fallen from 134/90 to 120/80, which is really pleasing. Anyway, she had never heard of C25K and she told me that she works in two different GP surgeries. If any of the HealthUnlocked authorities are reading this I would be glad to take some info into the surgery for them, as it has not made it onto their radar.

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You can ask the admin for some of the Health Unlocked posters. Also Iannoda Truffe has designed some C25k posters with a blurb about it. Both are available here

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Thanks, is there a link or something? I have emailed via the help centre but not sure if that would be the right place?


I think these are under the pinned posts section. Well done by the way - amazing result on your blood pressure :-)


There is a a pinned post on the right hand side of the page entitled C25k poster approved. There is a link on there to a PDF which can either be printed out or emailed to your surgery. I would encourage you to email it, as that means they have the file, which can then be printed for individual patients, but I would also love to see the poster on the walls of every doctor's waiting room. Let's tell the world.


Yes, thanks, tanyag_163 has pointed me in the right general direction and I have had a peep. I will definitely pass on the info, as I say the practice nurse was well impressed with the bp change and had never heard of C25K. Thanks everyone!



I was just thinking about blood pressure. I am having a similar experience, but UNfortunately my BP is now hovering around 90/60 and as low as 80/something (measured by my doctor on Monday).

My doctor says to continue exercising and I really don;t want to stop. I am very careful to do a longer cool down to combat the post run BP drop, but it is starting to affect me most days now when I am resting/doing normal stuff. Boooo.

I wish I had known if I was low before, who knows, maybe It has always been thus!


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