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'We were born to do this!'

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...That's what one of my Running Club girls said this morning.

We were in the playground this week and running/walking and they managed 6 minutes in total (up 4 minutes from last week). They're still obsessed with speed though, so the word of the day has been 'slow'. When the gates opened all the boys came in. I asked the girls if they'd like to stop and they said "no - we were born to do this".

I'm up to 22 girls in the club now. They're so proud of themselves, it's fab. :-)

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Wow! Love them!

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Go girls ! Great that their numbers have INCREASED, they must have loved it last week ! Well done you for making it fun for them.

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This is just brilliant. Go girls!!

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How great is that. You are doing a wonderful thing Heggers, inspiring a new generation of runners!

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wonderful to see, I think we will be as proud of them as you will in the end!

Brilliant Heggers. Your posts put a big smile on my face as I can just imagine the girls!

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Please tell them how proud we all are of them, and how keen we are to hear about their progress. And by the way, you Heggers, are amazing.

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That's brilliant!

Heggers, I think you should tell your story to a national newspaper and promote C25k and contribute to the 'this girl can' thing as well. This is a brilliant story on so many levels and could do so much good. Sky News would love it!

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I'm not quite brave enough to 'go public' as it were but am happy to post on here if you're all happy to read it. It's also a difficult one as some of our families have moved away from difficult circumstances (if you get my drift) and the children can't be seen publicly. Child protection is top priority everywhere but even more so at our school. We have to be so careful about photos on websites etc. I did put an artistically protected pic and blurb in the school newsletter yesterday though. However, nothing stops them running and becoming strong girls, and that's what counts.

I got interviewed by the school newspaper yesterday about running club if that counts?? He he. Sweethearts!!

Hi Heggars - I was thinking about your girls running today. How's the club going? Are they still doing it? x

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