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Just wanted to share some exciting running related news...

I'm a primary school teacher in a v deprived area of SW London and have been so inspired by how C25K has changed my life, that I've started a 9-11 year old girls early morning running club. I'm targeting the older girls as they're so body conscious and awkward, and have v little in their lives that I want them to feel they can achieve so much in a short space of time to build their self-esteem. It's about empowering young girls to do something for themselves that they can go on and do any time, any place, and feel like they can join in PE at secondary school next year with some confidence.

I've told them my tale and have shown them the 'This Girl Can' ad and they're soooo up for the challenge.

We start on Thursday morning and I'm so excited for them. We have some large, unfit girls and some super sporty, so it's a great mix.

Can't wait. A great way to start the school day.



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24 Replies

  • Fantastic Heggers look forward to hearing of your success with them. It's a great way to get the mind ready for learning

  • What a great thing to do.I hope it goes well!!

  • That is a lovely thing to be doing Heggers, I hope it all goes really well for you and the girls. It could change lives that could, well done! x :-D

  • That's brilliant. Hope it's a roaring success.

  • That's amazing, truly. I do hope it goes well for you and your group. My teenage daughter started C25K last year after seeing me do it, she was always useless at PE at school and hated it but graduated, got into park run, ran a 10k for Guide dogs and is still running and bringing her friends to park run too. C25K really can work for young people ...

  • That is wonderful!!! and you are a wonderful teacher!!

  • What a brilliant idea! Wish I'd had such an encouraging teacher when I was at school. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  • Wow fantastic, what a great thing to organise.

  • Thanks everyone. Am really looking forward to it. Feels good to give something back. Xx

  • Please keep us informed on how it's all going. What a lovely idea. Happy running to you and all your new runners.

  • What a lovely thing to do. I think ALL schools should do this, particularly for girls, as 'PE' is a nightmare for a lot of teenage girls (as it was for me). Let us know how it goes!

  • Superb! What a lovely teacher you are :-) good luck x

  • Oh Heggers, what an amazing thing to do , Well done !

    Its people like you who can make such a difference in these girls lifes.

    I hope its a roaring success. Please keep us posted on how the group is doing.

    What a generous, kind, lovely person you are xxx

  • That is absolutely fantastic. Well done you. What a brilliant idea. I am also a primary school teacher, although teaching nursery at the moment, bug in the future if us something I would definitely consider too, especially as running, ha ha, a club is often expected. I hope it's a great success for you and the girlies. Let us know how it goes. X

  • You're right Toon, it is often expected but this time it wasn't so I'm just going for it anyway!!! Running home from school tomorrow too for the first time. A bit scared but should be a bumpy ride with 30 books on my back!!! Ha ha. X

  • That is wonderful! Great initiative!!

  • Wishing you all the best of luck. You could be creating a model that could be used throughout the world to get youngsters physically active. You only have to look at parkrun to see that kids can get so much from running. My wife, who ran a respectable time at the last parkrun, was delighted to be beaten home by a five year old, proving that all ages can do this, with encouragement.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • This is so brilliant .Wish you and the girls lots of success with it's lovely to think you will be opening up a whole new world of opportunities for them .

    Please post how it all goes .

  • Wonderful x

  • That is an amazing thing you're doing! And I bet it will be invaluable to the girls in teaching them to cherish what their body can do more than how it looks, how to keep on going even when they think they can't and just give them confidence! What an excellent teacher you are :-) best of luck and mind out for your back with a bag full of books when running home! Xxx

  • That's brilliant. I bet there will be a few people copying the idea before long. You may be the founder of a whole new movement. (Pun absolutely intended)

  • Bravo! Hats off to you Heggers. Hope it's a roaring success. (I was going to put 'runaway success' but even I groaned at that pun :) )

  • Thanks again everyone. Letters went home today to parents and some of the teachers want to join! Can't say no to that. X

  • This is a great idea. Good luck with it!

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