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Running when it's hot

After a slow run in the sun (sixteen minutes to run a mile), I've just been doing some bumbling around on the web and came across this very interesting article about how bodies respond to heat and exercise. Well worth a look.


(I had to log in again this time - no idea why I didn't last time.)

Can I get it to make a sensible tag? 'Running' and 'exercise' are not especially helpful ones.

Let's try 'running in heat'. Hot hot hot. 'Adapting to hot weather'. 'Adaptation to heat'.

Nope - all it will come up with is 'running' and 'exercise'. And it's not the quote marks as the tags came up without the last four lines of text in here, and adding them in or taking them out made no difference.

So what are the tags for, I wonder?

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So according to the article we'll adapt and be able to run better in the hot weather when we've been doing it for a couple of weeks, that's possibly longer than the heat will last!


He he! It does say there's quite a bit of adaptation faster than that though, so no excuses! Just jump in an ice bath first. :O

I thought it was very interesting that 'exhaustion' seemed to be related to core body temperature, rather than the amount of effort expended. Though the thought of those poor cyclists having their core temperature measure rectally did make me wince a bit! :)


Ouch..... No sport is worth having to do that...


And whilst they were still riding their bikes as well!!!!


So thinking about this this morning while out trying to find shade rather than sun to run in........

Is this why Garmin gives us the weather when we upload our workouts? So we can compare speed/distance to how hot it was, or how hot it felt?


Well, my Garmin hasn't recorded the weather since the hot weather began! I have all the stats for when it was freezing and blowing a gale but as soon as the sun came out - no information!


That's just made me actually upload to the Garmin site rather than just MapMyRun, I still have weather info recorded, not sure how accurate it is though, it reckons this morning's run was at 20°C and 'feels like 20°C', well I can tell you, it didn't feel anything like that!


It appears the info came from RAF Lyneham, which closed in Dec last year so maybe the weather station has ceased now as well. It was recording until mid-June. And I'm pretty certain it was more than 20c here this morning!


This (and your comments in my blog - when I found it!) made me feel much better. I can't do mornings , so heat it is! If only we had a lovely beach to run on! I'm desperate for some sea!


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