Stress buster!

Major stress today, family crisis. I won't go into it but after a day of hand wringing and worry and being utterly helpless, I decided to go out for a run.

It's a rest day and swelteringly hot so I decided to just leisurely jog. I didn't get that fatigue after five minutes or even get out of breath. I was able to gather my thoughts and get things into perspective. I didn't time myself but I did break into a sprint for about ten seconds and thought sod that!

I feel so much better now, it's not solved anything but that knot in my stomach has gone!

7 Replies

  • Glad the run has helped ease a little of the stress :) Hope the family crisis is over and you have all come through unscathed. Virtual hugs to you (((Hug)))

  • Thankyou so much Ali! That's really kind! Not over but certainly in perspective!

  • Echoing what AliB said above.. hope all's OK. I have found this running malarkey extremely helpful for stress busting and allowing you a few minutes to yourself to sort your thoughts (or to 'zone out.'). Sending you best wishes.

  • Thankyou! Yes! I felt so much better. Mountains reduced to hills!

  • Glad you manged to destress and hope everything turns out OK

  • Thankyou, I think it will.

  • I find that when I run my mind goes completely blank so it's always a welcome break from whatever else is going on in my life. Hope all is well.

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