Week 2 run 2, completely fell over on big pool of ice but carried on!

Okay it's doing nothing to help my self image that I totally fell on my bum this morning. I saw the pool of ice at the water taps outside the lock cottage, yet didn't divert, and I totally skidded and fell. Quickly looked around to see if anybody saw (suddenly it felt like the narrowboats were full of eyes and all the olympic site workmen were looking in my direction). But of course nobody did. No injury, and probably another piece of evidence that I can take all this in my stride if I just set my mind to it. Doing stretches, bath is running, then just getting on with my day knowing I've done something about my lack of fitness today :)

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  • That's very impressive, I'm sure I would have blubbed and gone home! x

  • Yep, me too Curly. Gotta admire this ladies determination.

  • Bravo! You probably did yourself a big favour carrying on, allowing all that adrenalin from the shock to dissipate.

    I found this once when I had a fall (bramble chased after me and grabbed me round the ankle) I tend to suffer out of all proportion from minor falls (I fell in a boggy patch so it wasn't a hard landing) but I was so determined not to have to repeat the run that I got up and carried on and found I suffered less.

  • Pesky bramble! I don't know what was going through my head, thinking that ice wouldn't hurt me. Yes I think I was partly determined to not break my routine, unless really definitely injured (was completely embarrassed though!)

  • Glad you retained your dignity :) Funny how it feels like all eyes are on you when you do something like that isn't it! At least you're proving to yourself that you have the determination to do it and glad to hear that you hurt nothing more than your pride ;)

  • I thought the dark evenings were a good time start so no-one could see more lumbering across the common. Week 1 Run 3 tonight, not sure I care what others think now.

  • Hi sprior1961 I'm trying to have that attitude too, of not caring. Or perhaps addressing what I think others think. They just see yet another runner I guess! Good luck for run 3 and finishing your first week :)

  • Oops! Glad you didn't get injured. That ice is tricky stuff, but if we waited for it to go we'd never get out these days ...

  • Luckily there's not much ice round my way. It was definitely much colder this morning though, but the upside is there's fewer people around in the cold. Not planning to do any sunny Saturday afternoon runs in June when it all gets crowded... Will def be sticking to the early a.m. Ha ha look at me talking about running in June :)

  • Last summer was so hot I was going out at 5 and 6am - it was brilliant. Quite a few cars leaving from about 6am here, but not many walkers - the doggie brigade don't get out till 7ish. It was lovely and cool and no embarrassment for me during the early weeks of C25K when the mortification levels are at their highest! By summer you really won't care who sees you as you will be in training for 10k by then!

  • I love the idea of getting back into an early start routine. 5am could be pushing it, but I used to get up at 6am regularly for shifts starting at 7.30. I'm sure this is one of the reasons I've become so unfit. Managing to run at 8am at the moment, aiming for earlier as the weeks go on.

  • Good job. I would have gone home to change. I hate feeling cold and soggy. Keep it up.

  • There was no sogginess. Just solid slippy ice...Perhaps I should be glad it was so solid!

  • Good to hear you bounced straight back up; my bottom lip would have been wobbling - well done you!

  • Oh rotten luck! We all fall on our arse at some point so better get it over with sooner rather than later.

    You can take it in your stride though as you are a runner now and you have to make that next run. A hot bath and a rest day, maybe a Neurofen or Ibufren last thing tonight if you still ache. I think you'll be fine by morning

    You will get much fitter by completing this programme. You have to do it as per schedule and go slowly as Laura says. She will get you through the runs if you listen to her. Slowly mind you!!!!! That's an order

  • yup, really well done for carrying on :D a great attitude :D :D

  • Well done Ruth , hope you haven't sustained any injuries from your fall it is embarrassing though . I fell in the mud , never got up so quick in my life !

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