Not doing too well :0((

I cannot get onto run 3 week 8!!!The snow and ice are still here and work commitments mean I leave in the dark and get home in the dark!I was a member of a gym but when I had the car crash they were so unhelpful I didn't sign up again.I will but now OH is going in for a hip replacement and I know I won't have time to go.Sounds like excuses I know but my question is...I will try to get in some runs at the weekend and I know it's not ideal but will it be enough so that I won't have to start again( 3rd time) when the ground improves?


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  • So sorry to hear your having problems. Life does get in the way, damn thing. But on the other hand,your already on week 8! thats amazing, just go when you can, do week 1again if you have to due to time constraints, but getting out there is just for you. You need time for YOU, good luck and just do what you can.

    Your off the couch!!

  • Hi pot, dont worry about it , you can complete this in your own time and pace :) hope the Oh op goes well :)

    See how your runs go at the weekend , if you run once a week that is still one more run than those still sitting at home doing nothing , life can always get in the way of things for various reasons but to me it sounds like you determined to succeed at this, that is a great attitude :D

    Hope everything works out in the end :D

  • Thanks S_R....

  • Oh bless! You sound like you've been in the wars! Sorry you didn't have much joy out of the gym :( And all the best to your husband for his op. Doesn't sound like excuses, just sounds like life! If you can get even just one run in over the weekend I doubt you will have to start again at the beginning but I'm sure it will give you an idea of your level of fitness anyway. Just be easy on yourself and take your time, sounds like you and hubby have a lot on your plate at the moment. xxx

  • Thanks Hilbean.OH will need looking after( more than usual lol) and we have a rosta of family taking turns in the weeks after the's stressful...I do wish they didn't have to tell you all the things that go wrong!!!

  • If you're up to Week 8 I would think that a run once a week will keep you at a certain stamina level and you should be fine once things calm down a bit at work and home and the weather improves. Don't stress!

  • That's good to hear....

  • I'm sorry to hear about the medical troubles. That's definitely not "excuses", and of coure you need to give life time to happen.

    that apart, I totally agree with useitorloseit - running once a week is not going to improve your fitness, but it will probably just about keep you ticking over until there's a bit more time. Take it easy, and remember that you got into this thing to be good to yourself, not to find more stress.

  •'s good to be reminded of why I started the c25k...

  • Poor you, loads of stuff going on! I agree with useit- I reckon a run a week will be do-able, maybe take things a bit slower and I think you will maintain the fitness you have built up. Any way of getting in a power walk or short jog in a lunch break or anything? I hope all goes well for your husbands op. Keep smiling- you will get there when things ease off a bit. :-) x

  • Afraid my luncheons are virtually non existent.But it's encouraging to have you say I should maintain current fitness.

  • As you are on week 8, I'd say 2 runs a week will keep you ticking over, while you won't improve you certainly won't lose fitness. When I can't run early or late (too dark or too hungry by the time I'd get home) I do a quick run from the office before driving home. You can shower at home and beat the rush hour! Main thing though is not to beat yourself up about the exercise you're not doing just celebrate the exercise you are doing!

  • Thanks for the encouragement...I work nearly 20 miles from home..not quite up to that yet lol!!!

  • Oh bless ya Pot, youve got a lot on and a heavy load on those shoulders xxx

    You have come so far after all the setbacks you have had with the crash and getting your life back on track.

    I agree with Useit and the others, one run a week will keep you ticking over, its all miles on your legs and it will give you a bit of "head space "

    Keep your chin up Pots , this too shall pass. The morning and nights are getting lighter, and Spring is on its way. You will get there , no doubt about it :-)

    Hope your hubbys op goes well xxx

  • Awh thanks reassures me to think I can keep ticking over till the ice goes!(Have to admit that last year I walked out my front door in May, and fell this day I don't know how I did ice running scares the daylight out of me lol!)

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