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Concurred -Week 5 run 3. I have done it ohhhhh yes

Concurred -Week 5 run 3. I have done it ohhhhh yes

I feel like a king . A person who can do any thing . Can achieve anything . Go any far . Be what ever I want to be

Ok I am exaggerating now

But that's how I feel.

For the first time in my life

I ran for 20 minutes non stop -WOW

well to claw fair. I did this because of two reasons

One is this forum - the way you all are motivating all the runners is so much appreciable

The trust people kept in me

The motivating words

And by reading the success stories of the people just achieved

All these ....

Made me push even when I wanted to stop

2 is the podcast . Whenever I want to stop. It just gives me one more reason to go with timing - thanks NHS


I started with walk of 5 mins followed by a run

First 3 mins were fun but then a light pain started in shin which fainted away in next couple of mins

And the the podcast said that 5 mins are done ... I knew I can go much further

Soon 10 mins completed --- that was the maximum I had run in my life. The actual efforts started now

Soon I started getting breathless I followed the technique of breathing but yet

I managed till 15 mins but was getting impossible to go ahead with the breathing problem I was about to quit and then the podcast said that 15 mins are don't give up now and I did the same

As said in previous post to me

Ask two questions to self

1 Are my legs paining

Say to self NO

2 Am I able to breathe

Say to self YES

FOLLOWED this for next 5 mins and there the announcement came saying just 2 more mins

At last I completed the run

Wow - I AM STILL amazed with myself

Thank you guys

You all are wonderful

Thank you Nhs for the beautiful podcast

I wish I had your app also in my country

In last once again

WOW I DiD IT ----- LOL :-) ???

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You are not exaggerating ! Well done for completing run. You had a good strategy to get to the end when you were tired. Very well done !?


Well done,you've done it. This is a big step in your training. It will give you confidence for what's to come. Keep it up.


You are awesome!!! What a brilliant feeling isn't it? You've definately got 'the bug' :-)

This programme changed my life too!

Keep listening to the podcasts; you WILL do it ;-)

Happy running.


Fantastic! Enjoy that feeling, it's wonderful isn't it :D And well deserved too :)


That's absolutely brilliant. Many congratulations! Week 5/3 is a massive milestone and you really feel you've made progress when you conquer it.

Now here's a tip from an old Graduate - when you do the next run week 6/1, make sure you go nice and easy. Don't think it'll be easy peasey after conquering 5/3 because a lot of folks get a nasty surprise at this run. Go slow, stay focused on the podcast and you'll be another WINNER!!

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Wow!! You have helped me with your enthusiasm, my W5 R3 is this week and am anxious about it, like you, never run before but working through the podcasts is working for me. Well done, so pleased for you.


Good Morning Virani ! Yes , you are a King !

Many Congratulations to you on completing Week 5 . I enjoy reading your posts very , very much. You sound such a happy person :-)

Please keep posting, it is always great to hear from you . Good Luck for Week 6, YOU CAN DO IT !! :-) xxx


Great stuff. You are well on your way to graduation!


Very well done. That is the most uplifting feeling. Enjoy it. You're a runner now!!

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Thank you so much

It wasn't possible without your support

All advice's will surely in my mind at next run

Thanks once again

Keep going and keep running


Vibran well done that's a good mile stone reached. I won't spoil week 6 for you as it is another good week of running.

It gets slightly harder but I have total faith in you. I graduated today and I feel exactly the same as you. This forum is ace the people are ace and any time you feel you can't do it get on here. Then you will know you can. Good luck and I look forward to seeing graduate after your name in 4weeks :) J


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