Altering Week 5- Seems Undoable?

Hello all,

Just a quick question. I'm going out this afternoon for what will be my third repeat of run 2 of week 5. Each has been successful, and the last certainly felt easier than the first, but I just don't feel like there's any way in hell I could manage to move on to the big bad run 3. I was considering this afternoon maybe shifting run 2 around a little- instead of 2 runs of 8 minutes with 5 walking, maybe doing 13 mins run, 4 walk,4 run, or maybe even just a 17 minute run, if I feel up to it.

Has anyone tried anything like this, or has any feedback on it?



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14 Replies

  • I'll bet if you had just asked "How many succeeded in doing week 5 run 3 the first time"? You would have been surprised at the amount that did. Have faith in the programme and in yourself. You've done the build up to it and you can do this, go on give it a try :)

  • The more I think about it, the more I think I will. People on the facebook group for C25K have all been saying the same thing.

    To be honest, I'm just one of those people who are really bad at dealing with failures. I'm worried not managing it would really knock me. BUT, even if I don't manage the full 20, it'll still be further than I've ever managed, and longer. So I'm really considering giving it a go. Going out in 15 minutes, so I guess it's now or never!

    Thanks for the support :)

  • Just give run 3 a try - you might surprise yourself! I did. Just take it slow and steady and you should be able to do it :)

  • I've been talked into it. I'll give it a go!! Still terrified, but feeling a little more confident. If all these other people thought they couldn't do it, but managed, then maybe I can too!

  • just go for it you may surprise yourself, most of us didn't think we could run the final run but we did and the feeling is amazing when you succeed. All the best and good luck let us know how you did.

  • Just as OldGirl and Scarlett K have said, you've done the hard work to get to run 3 and if you take it steady, you'll do it too. When I started I didn't think I'd ever manage 5 minutes let alone 20. Have faith in what you've already done and in Laura to get you through. Good luck!

  • Well I agree with everyone here, just go steady and you will be fine. I had the same worry about 'failing' because I didn't want to feel that I couldn't do it and then give up, and I was enjoying it so much. So I just really slowed down and like lots of people here it just happened. Just have faith in it .Really, if I can get there, you will too. x

  • The plan works and works well is all I'll say for now!!! :)

  • I did it! I bloody did it! Very very proud of myself. Thank you so much for the support guys- I'd never have even attempted it without your support!

  • Hahaha! Go you! What did we say......

    Well done! x

  • Phew I'm glad you came back and told everyone, I very nearly let the cat out of the bag!! Well done again :)

  • We had no doubt you could do it. You just have to have faith in the programme and yourself

  • Well done Beth. Well done for daring to start the 20min run and well done for finishing it. I think it is W5R3 that proves that the C25K programme really does work. W5 looks distinctly odd and rather scary but somehow it works. It surprised the hell out of me last week and it was the same people on this forum who convinced me to do it.

  • WTG !! Well done you x

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