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Week 1 to Week 2

Hi guys

I started Week 1 last Tuesday and was soooo impressed with the app!! The trainer is so helpful and friendly and guides you through everything. I've never been a runner or even enjoyed it. I did the Great North Run over 25 years ago and that's the last time I ran. I actually ENJOYED my Week 1 though. I had good music to keep me going, just did a light jog as instructed and the sense of achievement at the end was unmeasurable! The downside - my new running trainers weren't laced up properly on Day 1 and my whole right heel is covered in a huge blister. I padded it with blister patches and plaster for Run 2 and Run 3 but it was getting worse so I'm going to have to give me heel a rest for a week.

I probably wouldn't go back to C25K if I just left it, so this morning I was brisk walking up and down stairs and light jogging from the kitchen to the living room in my socks to get my workout in (my heel is fine so long as I don't have any shoes on). i'm hoping that after a week I'll be ok to go outside again. Loving the app! :oD

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I take it you mean the lovely Laura? She's a goddess! :) I hope your heel heals quickly, and you get to enjoy running outside soon!


Laura will see you through - she'll be waiting for you once your heel is better. Good luck!


Ouch that sounds painful Marie. You sound very positive in your post so I'm sure you'll get back to it as soon as your heel heals!


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