You're all to blame

I've been recovering since yesterdays 10K, reading posts, providing my tuppence worth. What happens? I look outside the sky is blue, the weather cold, ground icy so I put on my trail shoes and it's off into the woods I go. Miss Garmin recommended 40 hours recovery, I've only done 32. Never mind, a nice slow jog 7:40mins per km was my target which I blew. 34 mins for 5K it really is difficult to run slower when the sun is shining. Looks cold and darker now. So thank you for all your inspirational posts I really enjoyed my run and I get a rest tomorrow before another 10K on Sunday. Miss Garmin reckons 39 hours now to recover.

Have great weekend runs all


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  • Well that sounds really lovely. 32 hours? 40 hours? Rest schmest - I think you should do what feels right. x

  • Thanks useitorloseit it was brilliant!

  • Sounds like a nice steady run. sometimes you just have to get out there no matter what! x :-D

  • Indeed if it feels right do it

  • What does Miss Garmin know! Does she realise a dry cold day is tooooo tempting!!!!

  • Clearly not. Especially as it's the start of the weekend!

  • Sometimes her estimates worse than a service delivery managers with clear recollection of the last "we'll do that as bau" discussion :)

  • Yep normal service will be resumed...

  • Well done GF. Sounds like a lovely run for you today. Glad you enjoyed it

  • Thanks MW just brought forward tomorrows jog ;-)

  • Sounds like a lovely run. Certainly doesn't sound like you missed those extra 8 hours rest. Enjoy your Sunday run :D

  • Thanks Hilbean I will

  • You've got it really bad GF haven't you? Only a runner would see a blue sky and take to the woods! Sounds beautiful.

  • Sure do thanks IP

  • I find running slow easy!!!! Unfortunately!!! I want some of your speed!! Swap you a bit?!!!

  • Absolutley (after next weekend!)

  • If only it was that easy!!!!

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