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I'm Back !!

well after an 18 month break due to injury and discovering long term issues with my hips and core stability I am attempting C25K from scratch !!

The only difference is that this time it is on a recently purchased treadmill as I have been advised against road running.

I am doing my brisk walk at 6kph and my runs at 8kph , does this sound about right ???

Lovely to be back and see this forum still going strong :-)

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Sounds like a good pace for starting roughly 4mph walking and 5mph running. Welcome back just start slow and see how you get on. It's the time not the speed that matters ;-)


Welcome back! Like GF said - at this point in time, the speed doesn't matter, so go with whatever works for you.


I rarely use the treadmill but when I do, I do the brisk walk at 6kph and run at 8 to 8.5kph. That is a bit slower slower than when I run outside but I don't feel safe going too fast on the treadmill (and always feel dizzy for a bit when I get off).

That would give you 5k in about 37-38 minutes.

I think you just have to experiment with what suits you. Completing the runs is more important than running fast.

Good luck


Thanks for all your support i think i have the speed about right, finished week one and have just done W2 run 1 and am still standing .......just !!!


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