Couch to 5K

Slow but sure

I have a lot of weight to lose and I have kept myself on week one since a sore knee held me up just after Christmas. I am noticing changes in me. Usually have to stop half way up the hill near my house, I got to the top before I realised, I have lost the equivalent of 4 bags of sugar in weight although looking at calories too,for the first time ever. I think I'll move onto week 2 tonight to celebrate!

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Wow, brilliant! Well done! Good way to celebrate, too :)


Fantastic well done Sugarpink!


Yay ! Week 2 well done, glad you are making progress. I am imagining you running up the hill near your house tossing bags of sugar into the verges as you go !!


Fantastic Sugar, be very very proud. :) :)


Well done. Keep going SugarPink. Sticking to this is key to all you want to achieve for yourself. Being slim and healthy. That hill, although a pain in the neck to you at the mo, will be a great tool in your road to fitness. You burn more calories and get stronger legs from hill climbing. They are a right royal pain in the bum early on but if that's what you're faced with then you have to deal with it. Sounds like you are, so that's great.

I have lost a lot of weight and am keeping it off thanks to running and eating healthily. Slow run/walks burn loads of calories!

keep us posted on how you're getting on. Don't be fearful of moving on in the plan. It's meant to be progressive


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