Slow but sure

Good afternoon all,

Well it was time for what many consider to be the dreaded wk5 run 3 ...... A massive jump from 8 mins to 20.......

Now, from other posts you may have spotted that I get very enthused, from shouting woohoo at total strangers and high fiving thin air when I managed 5 mins, to crying my socks off for 8 mins etc well........ Today was totally different! Before I went out running, I had a few words with myself - trust Laura, believe in myself, I can do this etc etc..... And I was absolutely right! I did it! Fairly comfortably actually, slow but a good steady pace through out..... And when I finished, I just smiled- a big beaming smile, and I was filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment and awe that in 5 weeks I've gone from struggling with 60 secs to running 20 mins non stop!

Thank you all for your support and entertaining posts, you lot really help this process!

And..... When I got home, my very first race number came through the post! 7.5weeks to go!!!

Happy running all x


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27 Replies

  • That's great - first of the 'big' runs comfortably under your belt. Careful now, week 6 catches some people out, but you're well on your way now!

  • Thanks ully, after reading other people's posts about wk 6 I will def no get to cocky about things x

  • What a great post! You did exactly what you needed to do. You trusted the programme, listened to Laura and went slowly. The result? You absolutely nailed it! Very well done. Ully is right though, w6 catches lots of people out. It's the transition week between intervals and longer runs and is designed to build your strength and stamina. However, lots of people find the return to intervals mentally tough after the high of running for 20minutes non-stop. Just remember to go slowly and pace yourself, and you'll be just fine. :)

  • Thanks for replying, I wondered what the actual issue with wk6, I was going to post a question on why people find it tough after completing wk5..... But now you've answered it for me :) thank you very much :)

    I like to take each run on its own, I don't look a head anymore, I just concentrate on the job at hand, and I know I can do this..... But if I struggle, then I'll repeat it until I overcome it - you guys and gals taught me that there is no shame in that!

  • Well done juju. That's a big milestone.

    Week 6 was easily the toughest for me but you have got a great attitude and I am sure you will be fine.

  • Thanks Dunder, wk6 seems tough for many people, so I'm mentally working up to wk6 run 1 as of right now :)

  • Well done, sounds like all went really well. And your race number arrived-how exciting! x :-)

  • Thank you, I'm very excited about my race, it's 5k and I'm just looking to complete it running this time. Then I have a base time to work at for my next one :) yay!!!!

  • Well done Ju! Good work and good for you for getting a race entered into. That will keep you focussed. Stay steady though as you've got to finish the programme safely. You need to be ready for the race!

  • Thank you, I'm so focused its in real! I've got 7.5 weeks and have a clear plan on what I'm doing :)

    Still I'm just trying to complete the first 5k running all the way and getting a base time, then I can work in getting faster :)

  • Of course you were fine, you had done all the right training for the 20 min run. Now you know you can keep running for a respectable amount of time you should have confidence that your event will go well if you just follow Laura to the end. Keep doing what you're doing as its obviously working and....happy running....

  • Thanks henpen, you are absolutely right! Trust the program :)

  • Great stuff! That quiet word with yourself - it's something I do all the time. You just have to believe in yourself - no one can do that for you.

    Which race will you be running in?

  • Hi rob, I'm running the race for life in Leicester 5k, my uncle passed away A few weeks ago from lung cancer - he was a miner for many many years. So I thought it would be nice that my first race has an extra special meaning to me, so I'm running in his memory x

  • Well done. Great job. Take week 6 steady and the end is truly in sight :) :) :)

  • Thanks you, slow and steady is my mantra :)

  • It really works, doesn't it. Well done.

  • Thanks coddfish, oh my gosh yes it does!!!!

  • Whoop whoop!!!!!! This is it!!!!! You can do it..........!!!!!!!

  • Awwww thanks northernspirit, I love that I actually know that I can do this now!!!!

  • Well done Ju ! Thats a major milestone you have overcome there - be very proud of yourself tonight, Missus ! :-)

    Onwards, always xxx

  • Thanks poppybig, I was so pleased, I sat all night with a beaming smile!

    Hubby is now treating me next week to new running shoes and gait analysis - which of course I will share the pics of here- I think he is pleased for me, proud of me and equally sick of my recent running shoe envy ( love the posts on here showing new very funky shies ;) )

  • Leicester running shop! Xxxx

  • Aw fab ! Looking forward to seeing the pics ! Xxx

  • *party poppers and jig for you in a kitchen somewhere in the south of France* Well done! I love your description of the satisfaction you feel on completing a challenge - so on the nail.

    You'll have week 6 done and dusted with no problems, girl. It's a bit of a party-pooper after the excitement of running 20 minutes, but then it's gets really fun in the build-up to graduation. Go go go, Juju!

  • it gets. not it's gets. It's the emotion.

  • That is so amazing! Well done! It's great that you have achieved this far and you will definitely keep improving! Well done, really proud :-) xxx

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