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Brrr its starting to get cold! Which long sleeved running top to buy for a bloke?

So i've been running in karrimor x-lite shorts and short sleaved top since I started doing this.

Last night when I went out it was distinctly cooler than it has been and I was uncomfortably cold at the start of my run. Soon warmed up though.

Can anyone recommend a long sleeved top to wear which is nice and comfortable?

I'm a bit worried about ordering something online incase it turn out to be skin tight!

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I find bamboo is particularly good.


I bought a top from Sainsburys the other day only on the basis that it has long sleeves and was cheap. It's warm and comfortable but I don't know that it's the best for sweat management, some of these clever materials can move moisture away from your skin apparently and hence keep you dry but I suspect that comes at a premium.


Until I started C25K I have never bought "sports" clothing since I was at secondary school!

However, I noticed the chill in the air on my morning runs but, like you, I was a little cautious about buying online as I was unsure of size/style. I also didn't want to spend a fortune!

I got a Karrimor Run top from Sports Direct ( for the bargain price of £6.00.

I also bought some rather fetching tights (how have I got to the age of 46 without owning a pair of tights?!) ( for £4.59 and a pair of running gloves ( for £2.50.

I've been wearing these over the last couple of weeks when I run. I usually go out before 6am so it's still pretty cold even on "sunny" days and I haven't felt cold.

I would however suggest getting a waterproof running jacket for those wet days.

Hope that this helps!


You cant go wrong with Sports Direct. They have some real bargains and yesterday I stocked up on some long sleeve running tops and some tights for the hubby (he's 59 but loves his tights!!). Karrimor seem to be the cheapest but I also got some New Balance and Asics tops dead cheap.


I've got a RunBreeze Running and Sports Long Sleeved Technical Performance Top. It has a thin fleecy lining and is really comfy and warm.

They are £15 from the runbreeze ebay shop with free delivery and quick despatch.

I've also got their blister free socks which work really well.


I will have to check out sports direct, it sounds good! My stuff has all come from TKMaxx so far, you get some great gear in there for reasonable prices


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