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Life after Laura

Hi everyone this is my first time on here and I must say you all sound amazing. I have just started running due to having to change my fitness routine as a result of ending up with a stress fracture, best thing that happened sounds strange I know but it made me think about my fitness regime, so turned to running and I must say I am loving it and so is the hound :-). Being asthmatic too is an extra hurdle that I am determined to overcome, never been able to run before because of it in the past, but now to due to my new inhaler I can feel like a normal person. I just love Laura and will be sorry when I graduate which is in a few week fingers crossed, so my question is what is next ? don't feel like I am ready to go it alone just yet. xxx

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Welcome Clare, you've joined the internet's most supportive, friendly community. Post here often, ask all the questions you like, and let the waves of encouragement and bubbles of inspiration truly enhance your running experience.

Your question - easy one:

If you want to run 5k faster, then find the C25K+ podcasts... it is Laura again;

If you want to run further, you're looking for B210K. [Don't increase your running distance by more than 10% per week]

And don't forget the 'turn up and run 5km' ParkRuns at 9am on a Saturday morning. There will be one near you

Enjoy your running and keep safe... no more stress fractures please.

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I found I needed some time to consolidate what I had already achieved along with Parkrun of course! I hope you get hooked like the rest of us as it's a healthy addiction and one you can feel good about :0)



Like Cloudchaser, I'm in the consolidation phase. I've junked Laura for a couple of weeks (don't think I could have stood much more of the Julie song) and I've lashed out and bought the 101 Running Tunes mp3s. This was simpler than trying to build a playlist from my somewhat eclectic music selection.

The playlist, plus new shoes, has given me quite a boost. I've clocked a PB whilst trying to do a slow run. My 5k route has had to be extended to a 6k to make sure that I actually complete 30 minutes running (for the Jantastic challenge). It just feels good to get out in the morning and run.

I'm planning to keep this up for a couple of weeks and then possibly move on to one of the B210K programmes


Welcome !! Laura will always have a place in our Hearts but we all need to move on so make a play list that inspirers running, and the best of it is that you can always go back to Laura if you need some inspiration.


After consolidating w9 for a couple of weeks, to make sure you're really comfortable with running for 30 minutes regularly, then there are the c25k+ podcasts with Laura. Some people love them, some hate them but they've certainly proved useful to lots of people. If you want to up your distance to 10k, then do take it very carefully. Lots of people on here have picked up injuries shortly after graduating because they tried to do too much too soon. The B210k programmes can be very hard going, requiring a lot of running in a short space of time. You may fare better following the plan of 1x30min run, 1x speed/interval run and 1long, slow run each week, increasing you distance by no more than 10% a week. Of course you may not want to increase your distance, in which case just enjoy incorporating your running into your daily life and health benefits that brings. :)


consolidation is a good way to go till you decide on your next goals, everyone has already made some good suggestions to start with :D look forward to seeing your graduation post :D well done on so far :D


Hi clareabel I'm going to do the 5k plus app once I've finished. I to was wonder what it would be like without Laura along on my runs. I'm wk5r2 tonight :) Laura keeps me on track and gives me that little push to carry on. Good luck Jase

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I just love Laura she is my running buddy seeing as the hound does her own thing lol, yes I think I will join you with that one not sure about my phone being compatible as its not an iphone but never mind can always pinched the daughters hehehe.

Thanks for the good luck same to you. Clare


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