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Garmin FR15 crashing - any experience out there ?


I've had an FR15 since June and have been very happy with it, but in the last couple of weeks it has started crashing randomly during runs (and very occasionnally when not running). Basically the screen goes blank, and when I press the power button to restart it, it has lost all my data for the day. I have tried both switching it off and back on again, and doing a "hard reset" as per instructions on the garmin forum, but I'm feeling like it probably needs to go back for a fix.

Anyone had this experience and found a fix for it ? Anyone got any experience with Garmin's after-sales service that they'd like to share ? (I've of course lost my receipt, but the shop says they'll take my credit card statement showing the transaction as proof of purchase, also the FR15 has been out for less than a year, so by default I'm inside the warrenty period...)

thanks for any help.

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I would take it back to the shop.


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