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Is there anyone else out there who doesn't enjoy running or is it just me?

This morning I did my graduation run, I should be feeling euphoric, right? Well, I'm not sure how I feel tbh. I'm proud of the fact that I have never failed a run or repeated any weeks, but I am finding it very hard because basically I don't enjoy running! Its hard when I'm doing it and I don't get any kind of high when I've finished; however I love the effect it has had on my body! I've dropped a dress size and physically I feel great, with so much more energy than I had 9 weeks ago. That's why I keep it up, but I can't help feeling I'm missing something....

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Well done on finishing the programme! :-)

Okay, you spend approx 30 mins every 2-3 days doing a run. You don't really enjoy it for these 30 minutes, but for the remaining 47.5-71.5 hours, it makes you feel great...

I really don't see a problem there :-D

I'm not sure actually if I really enjoy the actual running either, but like you said I feel proud because I can do it, I suppose I look forward to the next run because it has turned into a really positive thing in my life... I can do it and it's making my whole life better.

Just enjoy the good bits!

And whatever you do, don't stop now! Download the 5K+ podcasts and keep on running!

Let us know how you're getting on! xx

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Hi Lazyrio - I think I know what you mean. I don't think I enjoy running per se but I do enjoy the achievement. For me, it can't be easy or simply fun because then it's not a challenge, it has to be difficult enough to challenge me without being so difficult that I can't achieve the goal.

I don't think you're missing anything, as you say, you're proud of what you have done and rightly so, not everyone achieves this challenge.

Congratulations on your achievement.

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Chewy is absolutely right - think of your friends colleagues neighbours family etc - how many of them can run 30 minutes without stopping? And if you haven't already, you're going to hit 5K one day soon, aren't you?! How many of them can say that? And you're a WHOLE LOT fitter (and slimmer) than you were 9 weeks ago... how many of....

Be proud and be happy. Pour yourself a nice glass of something and go celebrate! :-)

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Well done on completing the programme. Not everyone will enjoy running, just as most other sports are not for anyone. If your enjoy the benefits of running, just not the sheer plodding along kilometre after kilometre, my suggestion is to try sports that involve running.

An obvious one is orienteering. This involves navigating from point to point while running/walking your chosen route.

Many team/ball games involve a bit of running and would give the same fitness benefits.

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My friends (more experienced with running than me!) go running for various reasons...most of which aren't for fun!

My sister does weight training and does 5 minutes as a warm-up and hates it.

A friend of mine does it because it's an easy way to keep fit.

And another does it to burn time!

If it does really bother you, I suppose you could try attending different clubs or classes and possibly give up running if you find something else you want to do.


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I love the results of the running just really have to make myself do it. I don't think I'll stop now because I know it works and I couldn't bear the thought of doing it all again! I'll try the 5k+ podcasts, see how I get on with them

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In general, I don't enjoy the run itself, but I love how I can run to get out of the rain, catch a bus, or anything else--and I can do it in a sustained manner--confidently. Also, it's a great feel just afterwards, when I know and feel that I have really worked, not to mention stress relief.


I don't really enjoy it while I'm doing it but the impact on my fitness levels even though it's taken me 16 weeks to get to week 7 is amazing. We took the dog for a walk tonight and my 3 year old goes running ahead as ever, but now I can run with her and not be out of breath!!! It's definitely worth it and it's easy and free!!! Well done for persevering! X


Firstly well done on your achievement especially as it seemed such a chore to you :-0

I can honestly say I LOVE running for running's sake now! (After around 40 years of avoiding it, since I went to secondary school (=developed boobies and got self conscious) I faked sick notes excusing me from almost every games lesson!).

I love that I can push myself and achieve something that was so alien to me.

I love that it has helped give me confidence , including the confidence to try other things (just started riding lessons!)

Perhaps I am lucky. I run in fantastically beautiful countryside for the most part and I run with my dog and we just have a laugh! I have seen the most beautiful sights and heard the most amazing sounds. Early morning mist rising off a canal with a heron taking off. A kingfisher by the river. Deer, and once even a badger, up the woods at dusk.

I also joined a running group a few months ago,and though we work damned hard for an hour once a week, we also have a great time!

The only runs I didnt enjoy were run 1 week 6 and then a few of my graduation runs back in May I think, when it got a bit hot - but that doesn't happen often so that's ok, lol!

It is a great suggestion someone made to try things that include running, either way, hope you carry on getting fit and toned and continue to get satisfaction out of the end product at least!


I don't enjoy it a lot of the time and I have to admit graduation felt a bit flat. The runners high is proving rather elusive for me as well. However, there is the odd run (usually around 1 in 5) where everything sort of comes together and I do come away grinning from ear to ear - they are the ones that keep me going, the rest of the time it can very often feel like a chore. I found going out with a running group was great, just having different people to chat and take your mind off it and by the end you have achieved more than you thought.


I've been Reading a lot of running books lately and in one of them the author said something like 'you do the long, hard runs so that the shorter ones are easy and enjoyable'. Don't forget that we're still beginners and I'm sure that as we persevere and continue to build speed, stamina and duration then there'll be many more of those enjoable and easy runs. I joined a session with the local running club last week and the two people taking the session said that they have good runs and bad runs - and they're seasoned runners. Just as in any sport or activity there are the boring, hard bits - so too with running-but that's how we improve; and how you've ended up being able to run non-stop for 30 mins and before you know it that will be an hour+!


I run mostly in a country park and I think it is the scenery and fresh air that I enjoy rather than the running. Maybe finding companions to run with would make it more enjoyable for you.


I'm so pleased that you have asked this question, and i'm even more pleased to read all these inspiring answers. Thank you so much.

I did my graduation run on Monday, and far from being euphoric is was just a case of - well, i've done it, completed C25K, good, never thought I would! Why was I so flat, i'd been telling everyone about my running, and feeling so pleased with what I was achieving. I was never ever sporty, I was fat and unfit, and week 1 nearly killed me, but I kept on running and I have achieved my goal. Well, nearly. I've completed the programme but haven't yet run 5K, I have lost 1 and a half stone so far, look good, feel great, but there was just something missing. I've hardly told anyone that i'm a graduate, in fact I haven't even applied for the badge yet. The run after graduation was disasterous, in my eyes, because I had to walk a little bit, and I really wanted to run 5K!

But yesterday things started clicking into place, I'm a graduate, i've done it,onwards and upwards, i've come this far, achieved so much. I use endomondo to chart each run and I can see that run on run I AM improving, yesterday I ran 2.86 miles, further than i've ever run before. So it has taken a bit of time, but I am so proud of what I have achieved, and so pleased with what I have gained through doing this. I am going to continue, no way am I stopping now, not after all that I sweating and slogging. I has given me so much.

Now, i'm off to claim my graduate badge!


What you have written Sugar is exactly how I feel! I think its the slog of the long runs that is getting to me. I get bored and then my mind starts to fixate on how long/far I've got left to do. I'm gonna try what some others on here have done; go back to week 1 and run/jog rather than jog/run, just to keep my interest. I too am proud of my achievement and feel the benefit and dont want give up on all my hard work!

Congrats on graduating too, keep on going!!


Where abouts do you run? Now you've graduated try travelling to different places. A run through the woods after it's been raining is so much nicer than pounding the streets. I find running on roads and pavements boring as anything. Buy some trail shoes and get running off road. Avoiding tree roots and rocks makes things so much more interesting!


I run on the farm tracks where I keep my horses. I started there because its quiet and no one would see me, and I've kept to the same route because its convenient although I have run around the streets a couple of times. Its a there and back route too so I know exactly where I am on the run, how far I've got to get back which I suppose isn't helping either. I'm my own worst enemy, I need a kick up the backside (mentally) to keep going, like the one that got me started on this program in the first place.


Thank you all for your kind comments. I have just realised I'm being a total grouch and need to buck my ideas up. I obviously need to motivate myself with the 5+ podcasts and search out more exciting routes. I've done this program on my own so maybe now is the time to get some running mates too.


Yes, running mates does sound a good idea. I have noticed that when I happen to meet other runners ( they are usually running faster than me, or in the other direction) I seem to feel more positive, and stride out with purpose, and smile, and keep my head up. I've been thinking of doing the local saturday morning 5k park run, but just need to know I can get round the course first and not disgrace myself. My knees do have a tendency to want to buckle under me when I finish running!


You won't disgrace yourself! Give it a go, you'll find everyone friendly and encouraging


No you're not being a grouch, we are all different.

I am well jealous that you have horses! And in my humble opinion horseriding is MUCH harder work than running!

I dream of the day when I can just do it instead of sweating and feeling like a complete numpty on a horse! It is so physically hard,(you should see the size on the horse they have put me on - I am only 5 foot and this horse is about 16 hands and HAS A HUGE GIRTH! I look like a little girl in one of those Thelwell cartoons!) and also mentally challenging, I am a bath of sweat after half hour. I hope one day it all clicks for me and I can start getting pleasure out of riding!

I hope you find some nice routes and running buddies soon x


Your post has certainly got everyone talking! I too find that I never enjoy it as much as I want to. :-P I wouldn't say I'm euphoric at the end of a run, more like relieved. :-) But, I am pleased with myself that I have run for that long.

I suppose I want to feel about running the way you feel when you are young and just running for the fun of it. It has more function now. Though I do enjoy being outside in the fresh air, especially because I work mostly inside during the day, and also enjoy the peace.

I used to spend half an hour or so with a cuppa and some biscuits when I got in from work. Now I run instead. So like you, though the runs are often hard, the benefits are great. I have lost 1 stone so far, my fitness is massively improved and I can run for 25 minutes. Something I never thought I would say. And YOU have graduated! That's a fantastic accomplishment!

I was so grouchy on Friday I hardly made it through at all, so I am encouraged by the fact that I am not the only one struggling to get out there and get on with it! I would like to try out some trail running later on though, because I truly love being in the countryside and it might make things more interesting.

Keep posting lazyrio, and well done on graduating. What an achievement! Running when its difficult is an even greater achievement for all us newbies and grouches. ;-)


well done on graduating :)

do you think you would have felt more of a sense of achievement if there was a seperate week 9 run 3 podcast?? it seems a shame that all of week 9 are the same podcast. if it was like the week where you are told you are officially a runner & laura was there telling you that you had now officially "graduated" then maybe the last run of c25k would give us all a bit more of a high. this is what my daughters thought anyway.

perhaps running 30mins a bit more will make 30mins easier (hope that makes sense) & then you will enjoy it a little more. have you hit the 5k mark yet?

I needed to have something else to focus on as was lost after the program so aimed for 5k first then did the b210k program. but I didnt have the new c25k+ downloads. they are great & add a bit more interest to the runs, making you forget about running & concentrate a bit more, which for me, makes the time go quicker.

keep running graduate :)


Yes I think it would be nice if there was a week9 run3 podcast. A well done you've done it type thing with advice on where to go next.

Regarding the 30 min running I agree the more I do it the easier it should get. Week 7 was a killer for me 25 mins was really hard but when it came to week 8 the extra 3 mins were not a problem. Maybe I'm not quite 30 mins fit yet but a couple more runs will hopefully do it. I'm doing about 4.7k so intend to keep going til I get to the magical 5k.

I'm feeling inspired today after all these positive comments, they've been a great help.


HI Lazyrio... you're exactly right! .. My friend and I went on Week 5 run 3 yesterday and had exactly this conversation. She is tall willowy figure (gorgeous) I am ....... not. She struggles to put on weight ., I ........don't. She runs like something you see dodging palm trees on a california beach (sun glasses and all) I ..... don't. She doesn't seem to sweat, or get even a hair out of place..... I go scarlet, and look like a victim of a hedge attack. She doesn't get any kind of high from it, and hates it. I get as high as a kite and love it (despite the wierd looks and questions as to my immediate health). We wonder, as there is significant difference in our morphology, does that affect our ability to get enjoyment from the exercise ? Or is it that I'm such a tub-o-lard any kind of exercise pushes up my endorphin release, and she may just have to push herself much harder to get it ? yours in anticipation!


Well done for graduating. I graduated 3 weeks ago and went through a phase of not enjoying running one bit. However, I have also dropped a dress size and love the way I get a "high" to get me through the working day. This is worth it. Keep going.


I love this post. I did W8 R1 today and hated every minute ofbit and hate the fact there are 5 more runs to the end of the challenge. I swear I will not continue, I haven’t lost any weight or inches, I don’t feel any fitter and I’m the wrong colour of puce for the entire run since week 1!

I’m proud I’ve continued and I’m definitely going to complete the challenge but continue I will not!!

I think I’m going to try hockey or netball, a team event we’re fitness is key and a lot of team spirit!

I’m also a horse rider so I think the running of your own will get to you, if I hadn’t of run with a friend I think if still be on week 5! So well done for getting to graduation.


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