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What is this weather doing to me?

Just been out for week 3 run 3. Doing fine, halfway through and then out of nowhere the skies darkened and it started to snow heavily!!!! It's April, for goodness' sake. I got so cold and wet that I did the second 90 secs but chickened out of the second 3 min run and went home (walking very briskly!) I'm still cold half an hour later.

Depressing. Is summer ever going to arrive?

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Oh dear, you're not the first to have the snow mess up your attempts today! Don't despair... if the weather lightens up and given that you didn't go the full distance today, you might feel able to do it successfully tomorrow. Otherwise, put it down to experience and not in the least anything down to you...have a rest day or two and try again soon. Lots of luck, Hope to see your 3.3 success blog very soon! :) Linda x


Thank you - and true to form, the weather changed, so once I was showered and warmed up.... the sun came out (but not for long)

Plus bit was that I did the first 3 min run comfortably, so I will hold on to that!

I know we're supposed to do three runs per week, but I am finding it better to do four, it seems to consolidate things just a bit more. But I am out there! and actually running! I keep wanting to hug myself - and I feel wonderfully smug!


Yes at least you are out there and jogging, and if you want to do 4 runs a week that is just fine, you do what you need to do to get the end. :-)

Well done.


Thank you


Well done for perservering. You have my total sympathy. I take the dogs with me when I run in the forest - the other day as I parked the car a blizzard started. I got my shoes on and opened the boot - the dogs just looked at me as though as was mad. It's a hard life when two unstoppable spaniels wimp out of the weather :)


I love it! I was a wimp - I probably should have carried on, but it had been a long day and cold and wet, and just altogether yukky! I just hope we get some better weather soon.

I run round the streets - running in the forest sounds idyllic!


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