Should have gone last night

OH says,,, why don't you walk to shops and I will meet you there ?Hmm I ponder a bit then ask the important question how far... answer about 3 miles. So I thought,almost Jove I will do it I shouted with a huzzah for good measure. Yes the weather was awful, worse than last night,Horizontal sleet and rain,snow some of the time and so got well wrapped up. Set off and about 3/4 of way down lane, not even a mile....a flood across the words of the song... cant go round it... cant go over it...(could have gone home) waded through..boy was it cold on my tootsies. The rest of the jogette was more walk than run as nail of one toe started cutting in to its neighbour in the tootsies line up with painful results.Oh irony upon irony.... got about 1.5 miles down road.... and entered a blue sky and sun zone(only in Scotland!!!).I thought I was going to bake


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  • Well the end of my post is missing... I wont take it personally.To finish... Cannot count as week will do tomorrow ....have now done the distance.... also first time I have worn running tights where anyone can see me.Lastly... got a few odd looks in the Costa....or they were trying to decide if I was in need of an ambulance

  • wow tahts was some evenful walk/run :D well done you for being out in the 1st place oh and wlelcome to wonderful world of running tights :D :D

  • Great post! I really enjoyed that! Showed your mettle there so well done on toughing it out. The road to 5k is not paved with wimps. LOL

    One of the perks of this running lark is that it brings previously off limit shops etc suddenly do-able without the faff of getting the car out or hopping on a bus. If you take only a small back pack you won be tempted to buy too much

  • You are right....didn't spend anything....husband bought coffee and was too bushed to even think of shopping added bonus to this running mallarky!!!!

  • I went into a costa the other day, having never done so before. Crikey it was bright! It was dazzling after being out in the dark. I had an espresso but i think i got it the wrong way round and should have had it pre run as recommended the great man himself. No, not him! Mo Farrah. LOL

  • Thats real hard core devotion to running pot58! well done! Just picturing you wading your way through, and that wind! i'm very impressed! :)

  • Must admit felt very chuffed with myself...

  • You should be! :)

  • Next time don't wade through the flood, splash through at full pace! It's huge fun, just like being a little kid again - I love running in the rain, just for the fun of splashing through the puddles and floods.

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