* Discovered a healthy icecream! much excitement! :) Post run treat!

* Discovered a healthy icecream! much excitement! :) Post run treat!

From some link via an email yesterday i stumbled on a recipe to make icecream JUST from frozen BANANAS! so diligently froze them last night and what do you know, it works! you might already know this but i didn't! just need a food processor, its like magic! As long as you like bananas! Forgot to bookmark the page, but have found this one which is pretty much the same! i had mine with whole almonds and a touch (maybe a little too much!) of cinnamon!


Been out tonight, my 4th run this week!told myself i would do Mon, Weds, Fri and Sun as that gives me a day off before running club which wasn't on last Tues! But its my 1yr c25k anniversay tomorrow so may just have to do a mini one! Tonight it was non-windy at home, so went to seafront, where the wind was back -Typical! parked at top of hill so nice run down, turned around to face wind :( then back and finally UP the chuffing great short but V steep hill! According to Strava info thats my fastest run on that route so pleased with that though VERY glad that hill wasn't any longer, extreme huffing, if thats a term , occured! An a bit of an achy leg day today, sure its connected to working a shift where i'm fairly stationary(in shop- stocktake joy today! :( ) as opposed to cafe manic shift!

So will prob go back to 3 runs next wk with hopefully a longer run amongst that!



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20 Replies

  • mango and coconut milk makes a good ice cream too.

  • sounds lovely! :)

  • I keep meaning to try that. The mango and coconut sounds fab too. My current favourite snack is frozen grapes - open freeze them for about 2 hours and they go like tiny sorbets :)

  • i love grapes will try that! the banana icecream transformation is magic! :)

  • I will need to try this too! Especially when grapes come into season in chile - no grapes yet. Soon it will be harvest time if they don't export all of them (fingers crossed for grapes)

  • Yum. Back onto healthy eating from tomorrow, and I always buy in bananas for my pre-run boost. Did you get to see the beached ship today? My parents in law, predictably, got in the car and got down there for a look as soon as they saw the news this morning!

  • Hi ! No i haven't been over as have been at work today, seen plenty of photos though, not sure how they're going to get that sorted. Looks dramatic doesn't it ! The county press will be going wild, front page news, glad everyone got off safely and sounds like not much risk of pollution.

    I kind of started healthy eating this week, having no bread and alot less chocolate and cake! :( lots of soup and salad !

  • I've been clearing up with wine this evening ... hic! Also mince pies and extra thick double cream. Quality streets got finished last night. I could be on for a clean start tomorrow!

  • Ive got a little bit of red wine to finish up, might be a bit late for my clearing up now though! :(

  • That sounds lovely - will give it a go tomorrow.

  • Hope you like it! :)

  • Aliboo what a great post, thanks for sharing. I love ice cream so will be giving this and Rignold's mango/coconut milk a go soon.

  • I found it a bit like magic! :)

  • Thank you for posting this I might have to try, only got a blender so hopefully will do the trick.

  • Hope so, its a clever idea! Wonder how they discovered it ! :)

  • Sounds absolutely yummy! Thank you!!

  • Enjoy Tomas! :)

  • Sounds delicious but not sure if my banana aversion could cope with it!

  • Maybe not ! Gives you a bit of banana burps though, only bad side effect ! :x hope your 1st day back at work ok? Just off to take my Xmas decs down

  • I like banana. Sadly, fresh banana doesn't like me! It just depends on.... God knows, it's hit and miss!

    Nooooo! How sad, the decorations coming down. :-( ah well, soon be Christmas again! :D

    First say back went okay thanks, steady drive up to Stockton and back. Hope you've had a nice day! :-) x

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