Couch to 5K

Happy New Year everyone!

Hi all. Well the Christmas pud and chocs have taken their toll. Added to the lack of running for almost two months due to holidays and a dodgy knee things are looking flabby....

So...have signed me and the Asthmatic Badger up for Jantastic (he's not keen though) and me and the hubby (super speedy husband) up for Oxford Town and Gown 10k in May (he's even less keen!) Hopefully things will be back on track soon. Not sure whether to go back to the dulcet tones of Laura or try and start with Week 1 of Sami's Bridge to 10k. Decision may be made for me when I can't breathe on Monday....

Hope everyone is doing well and good luck with all your endeavours.....

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I would deffo go with sami, and laura with her stepping stones podcasts.

I ran with the pair of them today


Although I bow to MissW in most things, I disagree with her about Sammi and B210k. If you haven't run for 2months and if you've got the asthmatic badger in tow, then I'd go back to Laura and do 1run each from weeks 3 and 4 then see how you get on from there. You may find your heart and lungs are fitter than your legs if you've had so long off, and you may need to start slow and build up again. Your build up will definitely be much quicker this time around though. Good luck Beth, you can do it :)


Thanks. I'll go armed with both of them and see how it goes :)


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