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Happy New Year Everyone, happy running and hope you all stay injury free in 2013


I've a confession to make to start with, I have not run for over 3 weeks. Been to Gran Canaria for Christmas and New Year which was lovely. Hotel gym was pretty pathetic with only 2 jogging machines and although there was plenty of good running paths around and about the hotel it really was not wise to be out early in the mornings running on my own. Hubby over heard someone saying there had been a few groups of young people wondering around rather worse for wear through too much to drink so that rather put me off.

So now I have a long up hill struggle to get back to my previous stage of fitness etc. Ah well will see how it all goes, will just have to give myself a good stern talking to now and again.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and good New Year and good luck to all those who have set themselves goals to reach in the coming months. :)

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Glad you had a good time. Sure you'll soon be back on track and into a routine.

Happy New Year to you too.

Viki :-)


I bet you'll find you haven't lost any fitness! I am just back running after only 4 runs in December and although easing myself back in gently I can tell most of my fitness is still there. All the hard work last year will have paid off!


Welcome back, I'm sure you'll be back to routine in no time, hope the weather stays kind for you, must be a shock returning from warmer climes.


Happy to see you oldgirl! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas and vacation! Its always so difficult getting back on track but as Ali wrote, all of your hard work in the past will bounce you right back to where you were. Happy New Year to you as well! :-) Gayle

Happy New Year! Start gently and you'll be back to running 5k again in no time :)


How lovely to spend the festivities somewhere warm! Happy New Year Liz :)

It won't be a long struggle at all; you will be fine!



Happy New year. Good to hear from you here again. Sounds like you had a lovely break. Shame it wasn't run friendly.

I was in Oz in November and was able to run early in the morning on a seaside path, including doing the Kawana Parkrun. Finding the cold, dark and wet puts me off running during the week, especially after work.


Welcome back, Oldgirl!! No worries about the sabbatical!! Gayle and I took an unintended 22 days off through most of December!! We were surprised to find that we hadn't lost as much as we anticiptated. Don't get me wrong...we definitely could feel the aches and pains, but we were able to trod through 30 minutes!! You will do fine!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome back and a very happy new year OldGirl! :-) Delia


Thanks Guys and Girls, your support throughout is invaluable, its always good to know a person is not on their own. Happy jogging/running everyone. :)


Welcome back Oldgirl. Happy New Year!!

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