A Chocolate Orange

...was my reward for completing week 2 (well, 3 segments, before the rest was inhaled by a 13 year old), along with an afternoon showing of Harry Potter and numerous cups of tea. It's the last day of the school hols, after all.

I must say, I found it hard though. The first two outings of week 2 were easy, and I've been trying to work out what the difference was. I think I may have had too many clothes on (oh I say!) as although chilly, there were blue skies today, and no wind. I also found my shins were painful although by the 3rd cycle they had got better. Is this the fabled Shin-Splints I've heard so much about? How do you avoid this? Ouch.

On a positive note though, I woke up this morning with my all-too faithful black dog by my side. Anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety issues is aware of the positive effects of exercise, although half of the battle is getting up and dressed and out of the door. Very glad I did though, black dog firmly back in his kennel now. Phew.

Something I've started doing is using Map My Run alongside the C25K app (once I'd worked out how the darn thing worked). Not for everyone I know, but I've logged how far I've gone, and in 2 weeks I've done just over 22km. I'm keeping a running total and if I ever get discouraged, I look at that, and think, I never thought I'd be doing this! I'm not bothered by personal bests or going faster really, but it is a boost to see how far you've come. And obviously the number keeps going up, can only be good! So here's to a happy and healthy 2014 with minimal black dog visits, thank you very much! xxx


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10 Replies

  • well done Allie :D taht is the great thing about C25K you can see and feel the improvements :D stick with it you really are doing great :D

  • Well done! Especially for getting out there! About your shin pain - do you have good running shoes? That seems to be the cause of most shin splints.

  • Am saving up for a new pair! Currently I'm in an old pair from years ago which were quite expensive, but it was before they did the whole analyse-your-gait-on-a-treadmill malarkey. Only one more pay day and I'll be up to The Jog Shop!

  • It's money well spent, I got shin splints on week 2 because I didn't know about shoes.. it's very very painful! There's lots of advice here on the forum about shin pain, but hopefully yours has sorted itself out. If your shoes are at least running shoes they'll be better than what I had, you can get gel insoles too which I've heard are really good and only about £7

  • Right! I'll check out some insoles to tide me over xx

  • I use Dunlop gel insoles from Sports Direct £7 a pair and, Curly is quite right, they're really really good at absorbing the impact and so sparing your legs. Good luck :)

  • Well done. Great to start rotting up those Ks!

  • Oh well done on getting week 2 done. You might try a foam roller for your shins, but gently! Also ice them. Enjoy week 3! The black dog will still be in his kennel.

  • ^^^^^ Always listen to KittyKat's advice and you'll be fine :)

  • Well done, you are doing fab :)

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