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Happy New Year - Resolution Run update

Happy New Year folks! It was a lovely night last night for my second-ever 5 k race. The temperature was hovering around zero and the crowds were riled up for a night of fun. There were costumes, snacks, noisemakers, pom-poms - you name it. The run was to support one of our police helicopters, so all along the route it circled overhead blasting it's siren and flashing us with it's lights.

The run was along our river pathway, which is lit, but it was still quite dark and made for some fun icy patches when you didn't see them. They didn't separate the walkers from the runners at the start, and we all clogged up quite good. I suspect this is because it was a fun run, there were no official times kept. That being said, I was stuck behind a power-walker for quite some time - she was moving so fast I couldn't believe it!!!

The race was good - it wouldn't have been a personal best, but it was fast considering how slow I've been going on these icy roads lately. Coincidentally I'm running the same route in a cheap race two weeks from now - I'm hoping to pick up the pace then. I did finish with a sprint, which I love. Both races I've done I've given it my all at the end (which feels mentally good and physically awful with that "I'm going to get sick" sensation). I could run for that feeling alone.

My other half was at the finish line taking pictures (none of which turned out because it was so dark and crowded). He tried to snap photos of my finish but it wasn't to be. I asked him how he knew it was me coming down the pipes considering how many people were running.

His response? "Because when you sprint for the finish line your legs go out to the side"

Huh??? I'm thinking I need to video tape myself. That doesn't sound like proper running form :)

Anyhow - sounds like everyone else has had a wonderful running start to the New Year. It's going to be a good one.

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Glad you enjoyed the race in such a warm winter day! I was wondering how you got on, especially since your exploits at minus 22 a few weeks ago.

I'm sorry to say I did not follow your exemple and cried off Monday when the temperature was -17.... but I made up for it on Tuesday with a 6k run (and a balmy -2!!).

Happy new running year.


Great great post runswithdogs, I'm chuckling away at the thought of you sprinting with your legs going out to the sides :D Such a shame the photos didn't come out! Congratulations on your 5k and all the best for 2015


Sounds like a real fun run, made even more exciting by the helicopter! Well now you have done the route you will be well prepared for the race! Good luck, you will do great! Happy new year


Sounds like quite a fun run, with the small hiccups that such an occasion calls for. Thanks for sharing the story, and well done for being out there :)


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