Hello Dear Running Folk,

Some of you may know that I hurt my right calf a couple of days ago. One delicious contributor said that I may have torn my gastronemius muscle (how the hell do you spell that??). It certainly felt very tender to the touch, but I did this ;

1. Strapped an ice pack to my leg for twenty mins TWICE a day.

2. Wore a compression sock (verrrrry tight) for a few hours.

3. Foam rollered the area gently a few times until I could bear it.

Two days later (TODAY), I walked 4K into Richmond and back (slowly and leisurely) to buy a new toothbrush. Didn't have a single twinge!

As a result of this, I am thinking about a run tomorrow. Good idea or am I being too impatiently enthusiastic?

Can I have healed in just 2 days?

I await your thoughts with baited breath!


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21 Replies

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  • Dan. Stop it. Sit down. Healed in 2 days? I know we're into miracle time of year but............!

  • Haha! Perhaps I'm a tad.....optimistic?

  • ^^^^ This is spot on. Don't you dare run tomorrow. Better wait for a week than be out for a month. Happy New Year Dan, patience is a virtue ;)

  • You're absolutely right AM! Thank you.

  • Happy New Year to you Dan but i simply don't believe you ... WHERE in Richmond that sells toothbrushes was open on New Year's Day???

  • Bopeep! Boots the Chemist!!!

  • Oh really? Disappointed.com - what's wrong with shops being closed now and then??? I remember Boots - they used to sell everything! Horlicks tablets, for example! Anyway, my apologies for doubting you!

  • Perhaps a longer brisk walk tomorrow and see how that feels?

  • good idea. Thanks UR

  • I agree ^^^ try walking again may be even a couple of times then, again ^^^^ brisk walks before trying to run. Better taking time than being on injury couch for a long time!

    Happy brisk walking! :)

  • Mais oui! Merci. A tout!

  • I think you will want to give it a test run. You could walk a bit and see how it goes, then speed up a bit and see what that feels like. You don't have to run far or fast.

    I was walking with the dog in the park and he was messing about, so I was walking backwards keeping my eye on him. The walking backwards really gives your calves a good, yet gentle stretch. It felt good so I did it for a bit. Give it a whirl Dan and see how you get on.

  • I say MissWobble that was a splendid suggestion! I walked very briskly for a good ten minutes and then set off mega slowly. Have to report all was well by the end - a tiny bit of stiffness but nothing to scare me. I think it was an intense muscle spasm the other day, but am still gonna give it more rest for the time being. Thanks for your post!

  • Mr Dan you are impatient! 2 days? No no no.....I suggest a few more weeks of a good stretch of the legs plus the regime above and then see about running...we all know that if you rush you'll injure yourself worse and then you will be out of action for a lot longer which WILL drive you mad! Power walking for you Mr Dan that way you're getting a good calorie burn and you can still wear your fabulous running tights

  • It doesn't need weeks TJ. I think it was just a muscle spasm as opposed to torn muscle cos I did a brisk walk/jog today for a short sesh and all went well. Still gonna treat it with respect though!

  • Well that's something xxxx stay easy

  • Only you can say how badly you were injured... and how much you think you are mended! I agree with MW, if it was me I'd probably go for a little run and see how it feels. STOP if it hurts!

  • Did exactly that CG. Thanks for your post. This forum is great to get balanced views on stuff and it's for that reason - I LOVE IT!!

  • So, how did it go?

    Now I need you and Miss W to tell me it's ok to go out running on my wobbly knee....

  • Hi CG. Well it went ok, but I'm gonna give it a week off. I was great for 3K but then it stiffened up a bit and got me worried. Not painful or anything - just a tight feeling. So if I were you.....maybe give yourself a weeks break too? It's only a week.....

  • Too late! Been out already! Just 3K for me to, I'm doing an Asics 10K plan so that was my scheduled run for today. Just got back, it feels fine, maybe I twisted it a bit on the ice on Wednesday. Next week the plan ramps up a bit 3 x 4.8, so I'll see how I go.

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