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Graduated but failing already

I was ecstatic when I graduated on Friday and actually ran 5.39k in 35 mins. However since my legs are aching and feeling like dead weights. I have been feeling really emotional and tired.. I am now overdue for next run but worried that if I leave it tonight that I may loose my fitness. If I run Tuesday and Friday then I will have only run twice this week. I don't want to set myself up to fail

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You won't lose your fitness atall after a couple of days rest.. but don't leave it too long.. don't want to lose your mojo :p


You won't lose fitness that quickly. Loads of people drop out for a week if they're ill. Sometimes you come back stronger. Why not try a really slow 30 mins without any pressure regarding distance? Or wait a few more days. Running is supposed to be fun and you're not going to keep it up if you're not enjoying yourself. Just take the pressure off.

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Don't worry Carlin, take a few days off , sounds like youre exhausted . You wont lose your fitness.

Its really important to listen to your body, get some good eats inside you and some early nights. You might be going down with a bug or something .

Hope you feel better soon, and please don't worry, you will be fine :-) xxx


You'll never fail, if you listen to your body- which you have done.

Relax, rest, and then run when you really feel like it.

Wise words in the above posts- a few days won't make any difference at all.


How about scheduling yourself for a shorter run, 20 minutes or so? Or a run-walk? That way you can take it a little easier but still get out there.


You don't lose fitness by missing just one run, don't worry. ;)

Having said that, after the "legal high" ( ;P ) of completing the programme, it might happen that you lose motivation because you lack the structure. So, although it is fine to miss a run, try to stick to your 3 runs per week as "religiously" as possible for a few weeks, just to reinforce the habit without the incentive of a programme to follow.

After that period, even if you miss a few consecutive runs you should be able to easily pick up from where you left without risking to lose the habit and stop running.


I think I need to listen to my body as have been asleep all evening. Thanks everyone, I won't stress and will try and get out there tomorrow for at least 20 minutes.


I did my Graduation run on Saturday and have felt exactly the same! I now have a stinking cold. I like the advice of shorter runs whilst I'm feeling rough.


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