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Monza - been and gone already

Monza - been and gone already

Hello everybody!

I was so busy scurrying through my Sunday i didn't get the chance to post my Monza track - i strongly suspect this failure leaves me wholly responsible for Fernando's retirement from the iconic Italian race due to mechanical failure - his first in literally YEARS! Feeling dreadfully guilty :-(

Otherwise i thought i'd done everything right; i ran the track, i made morning coffee in my Bialetti espresso maker, Prodigal Son made pizza from scratch for us all for lunch, Dad and i drank delicious Chianti, we had parmesan on our rocket leaves, fresh figs and peaches .... it was Italy in Cyprus here for a day BUT still i seemed to have jinxed my best boy :-(

For those of you who know your F1 tracks i totally realize this looks rubbish cos the sea stops me in my tracks (hohoho) but i managed both Lesmos, a back-to-front Ascari and quite a close Parabolica! Plus the distance is about right. It just looks weird, sorry :-)

Running-wise i think i may have vaguely lost the plot - lacking in mental endurance - i broke Prodigal Son's i-pod a month ago (not on purpose, we just suddenly noticed it had a smashed screen and we can only think that it got squashed by something in a bag sometime) so it's been ages since i had any music or podcasts for company - i struggled to keep on going through the 6km loop this morning (until the last km which was easy!) and, previously, that was definitely my strength, slow but indefatigable :-) Need to try harder!!! Will try harder! By not trying harder, if you see what i mean!

Also, i should tell you, i tripped over a piece of dust while out walking Lucy Beagle on Friday morning and have scabby knees which are oozing pus and are a bit sore - quite a few folk out and about this morning gave my swollen, mis-shapen literally "shredded" knees a double-take as i panted past. Dangerous sport, this running!

Oh oh oh and the best bit, i nearly forgot, it RAINED right at the end of my warm-down walk! It hasn't rained since May and shouldn't really rain til October so that was aMazing - 6 or 7 drops at least i felt! Hence the brolly on my picture!

Cool Runnings everyone for the week ahead - try and stay strong, up on your two pins, nice and fit and healthy :-)

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Your poor knees, BP! I hope they're feeling okay now and not in too much shock from what happened! Yes, try to stay upright whilst out running; it does help, I find! :D Seriously, hope you're okay now!

I know absolutely nothing about F1 tracks, but your replication looks grand; not really much you can do about the sea getting in the way! :D

Sorry to hear about your losing of the plot. I have found that recently with my music; for yesterday's run I had the radio on instead for a change and loved it, even the songs I didn't particularly enjoy. It was the presenter talking away that I really liked though; it was nice on a long run. :-)

Well done on your F1 run; take care of your knees and cool runnings to you. Always. :-)


Hellooooo M_Y :-)

Thank you ... yeah i'm fine just got stiff tight green ooozy gammy knees mmmmmmmm nice! Must have been something grim in that dust!

Seems to me that running is safe compared to walking the blinkin Beagle :-) Will be trying VERY much harder than usual to stay up on both pins from now on owchie owchie!

You're always very generous with your praise .... you gave me the idea that next time i run out of land - you see that pit straight was SO straight i HAD to use it - i could just jump in the sea and extend the loop by swimming it out! Good idea? Thanks to you ;-)

Yes, i can see that Desert Island discs or a Radio 4 play or a talking book or a radio phone-in would be great company - not that i have entered the realms of Long Runs in any way, but i will!

I read your write-up of the week - very very well done you! Really, fabulous to follow your progress M_Y, you're steadily building something marvellous. Just vaguely disappointed that your new shoes aren't THAT colourful ;-)

Have yourself a super week and yes, cool runnings to you and all of us, always :-)


What a spiffing read BoPeep! Rain drops in Cyprus in September? Suit you!!


Hey Dan! Thank you #dipsheadhappily

I know right ... how mad is THAT! Mighty surprised was i!

Just popping off - you've got a knee thread out there somewhere ... must investigate :-)


I can finally read your post and reply! Having managed to avoid anything F1 related since I was at the GNR as you know we've finally caught up on the BBC iplayer. Great race again to watch, mini fights going on all over the place and what on earth happened to Alonso's car, looked like it was still stuck in 8th gear as he pulled off and stopped! On another note, fab run again, great likeness and take care of those knee's :)


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