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is it okay to skip through final weeks?

so i should have done week 7 run 1 today, but when i reached the 25 minute mark i felt like i could go on, so kept going until the 30 minutes were done and ended up running 6.5km without really trying (on a treadmill). i think the whole process of couch to 5k has really helped me get this far as i never would have been able to complete this before! would it be reasonable, therefore just to skip the final weeks and move on to running for 30 minutes?

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If you've got the energy to skip instead of running, go ahead. ;)


I'm sorry but I don't think that is a wise move to make. One good run does not necessarily mean following runs will be just as good, we all hope they will be of course. It seems such a shame too to have worked so hard and come so far to leave the program now, doing too much too soon could end up with an injury also. For the sake of another two weeks I would stick with it.


Don't do it!

I thought -what's the point in doing 28 mins when I can just skip a week and do 30 - or more!

Injury is the point :'(

What oldgirl warns of is exactly what happened to me - silly me - so now I can share my experience and say again

Don't do it! :P

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See my reply to question achilles tendonitis, I was absolutely fine until I got cocky in week 7! That was in May :( still not back to week 7, yet, as others have said don't do it - what's the rush?



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