Having been struck down in my prime by a bad back followed by every winter bug known to man, it's been almost a month since I last ventured out for a run. However, come Boxing Day and following two days of festively acceptable sitting, eating and drinking, enough was enough. Instead of marching to the orders of our dear friend Laura, however, I decided to go rogue and listen my music for my first little run back (a lollopette if you will). I did a spot of run - walk - run - walk for about twenty minutes, and was surprised I didn't struggle too much. The sudden onslaught of snow halfway through my venture was also a surprise, and hindered both vision and stability on the roads. The gods clearly decided that was my penance for falling off the running wagon for a while. I have learnt my lesson and tomorrow I plan to once again pledge my loyalty to Laura, and continue on with the c25k.

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  • Glad to hear that...she knows best!!!

  • well done for getting out there in the weather you had :D i am sure laura didnt mind the odd day off ;)

  • Glad you're back on the wagon, so to speak. Happy running :)

  • Well done! Keep at it! I had a thought about dear Laura - I suppose she doesn't post on here, does she? I expect it's incognito if she does, but she'd find she had SO many friends!

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