Starting from scratch

I've decided to start from W1 again (hello, Laura!), not because I've lost fitness but to ease my knees back into it! My last 30 min run was a month ago and I've been regular with weights at the gym (so I know from past experience I'm still fit enough to run at least 20) but my damn knees often start hurting 10 mins in. This is the kind of knee pain I had when I first started the programme in January, which got better by about W4 as they got used to running and got stronger. Hoping history repeats itself and easing in to running is less stressful on my knees because I miss it!


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  • That sounds like a very sound plan, lots of people have re-done the programme, Laura will look after you. Good luck xx

  • Thank you! Looking forward to Laura and some structure again.

  • A lot of people redo the plan Shivani. Good luck with it. Do you know what is causing the knee

    pain? I run with patella knee straps under the knee cap to prevent tracking problems and do a special stretch before and after every run. I can't explain it very well but it involves placing one foot on a waist high surface, turning that knee outwards so the foot also turns and placing hands either side of the foot, bending forwards so the head is just above the knee. I feel the stretch along my outer thigh right the way up to the hip. Since doing these things regularly and no longer running on concrete, I have thankfully never had knee issues again. Since you run on a treadmill, it will not be the running surface, could it be something else you could change - possibly how you land, where on the foot for instance?

  • It's mainly in my right knee, remnants of an injury from 5 years ago. It was pretty bad then (fluid built up in the knee, incredibly painful to walk). On a daily basis it's now almost fine, but I tried to do lunges a few weeks ago as part of leg day only to find out later that if you've had a knee injury you should avoid lunges like the plague because they're very hard on the knees. I feel like my knees got stronger through the programme, because after W4 I could run without any knee pain until I did the lunges...I have only myself to blame :(

  • Best wishes for this Shivani. The program is very satisfying as you can make really steady progress. I started in Jan too and graduated in March. I think would find it very reassuring to follow Laura again.

  • Thanks badgerun. I graduated in April, so it's a little frustrating to go back to 1 (!!) minute runs. But I guess it's better than not running at all eventually, which is where I'm currently headed.

  • Good luck! I'm (hopefully) at the latter end of a tendon injury and did a 'test run' with W1R1 last night. I think I might try W2R1 in a few days until I reach a point where I struggle and then do the programme from there. Know what you mean about missing it! I'm desperate to get out there again but know I need to ease myself into it. Hope you manage a quick recovery.

  • Thank you! Hope you can get out there again soon and stay off the IC for a good long while to come!

  • Good Luck Shivani, must be very frustrating for you but like you say its better than no running at all .

    Hope it all goes well for you xxx

  • Thanks poppypug!

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