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What do you carry when you run?

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Hello all - thought I would introduce myself, having just finished Week 1, and (slightly nervously!) looking forward to Week 2.

I downloaded the podcasts to my nano which is tiny and clips onto my waistband so that's easy, but I wondered what solutions you have come up with for carrying basic things like your house keys...? At the moment I am going out when my husband is in so I don't need to take keys, but that's not always going to be possible. Also, I wonder if when the runs get longer I might want to carry water. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

~ Lynne

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Firstly, well done on completing week 1 and enjoy week 2. This is a great program and a great community. Trust in Laura as she always seems to know best even on those occasions when you're not totally convinced ;)

I have jogging bottoms with big pockets but other people use belts. I just take one key with me otherwise I think it would be uncomfortable. Other than that phone and music player and today I had a hat just in case (never used it though). Don't take water but make sure I drink as soon as I get in.

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I try not to carry anything.

I found the easiest solution for key was a piece of string round the neck and tuck it inside running top. I did not tend to take water until the longer runs about Week 8, but it does unbalance you when carrying it.

Now tend to rely on a hankie (which gets stuffed down my running tights).

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I wear shorts which have a zipped pocket on each side. In the left pocket is my little Sansa Cilp+ mp3 player, and in the right pocket is my house key. onmy left wrist is Garmin Watch, and on my right wrist is MIO Link heartrate monitor. That's it :)

Enjoy C25K, listen to Laura, start slow and steady.

Hello When I need a key I sometimes take it off the ring and tie it to my shoelace. Or get shorts or a jacket with a pocket. This way I won't have to carry it. If it's really hot I carry a water bottle in my hand when I run. I tried to use a small backpack and something on my waist but couldn't really run well with those things on. The water is really important so that I will carry!

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Thanks to a recommendation on here I now have a lovely bag on a belt from sports direct. Little pocket for keys & bigger pocket for phone. Find it much comfier than I did with my keys tucked into my bra!

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I use a running belt which comfortably takes my keys in one pocket and my i-phone ( for music and runkeeper) in another. It's very lightweight and I don't really feel it while running. It has a hole for the earphone wire to go through. I don't carry water and have never really found that I need it over my normal distance of 5-6k.

I did try an arm band but couldnt get on with it - it would slip down and the fastening used to rub on the inside of my arm. Some running tights/capris have a zip pocket in the back and my gloves also have a little pocket for a key. So, lots of options - whatever suits you, I guess.

Essentials are house key, phone and a tissue. I always try and wear something with a pocket but I have just bought a running belt because lots of clothes don't have one.

Welcome Lynne and well done for completing the first week of this great programme. You sound very excited about week 2 which is fab!

I run with my iPod on my arm and a belt around my waist. It holds my phone, tissue, car key ( I always have to drive to run) and attack alarm. I got the belt from Sports Direct for a couple of pounds and it's non intrusive and light. I don't carry water as I'm not doing long enough distances yet but general advice is you shouldn't carry water in your hand as it knocks your body out of balance. Maybe a light rucksack for the water?

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Its tricky...on a short run I just take phone and inhaler and pop them in the pockets of my capris. Mid run, I take a bumbag with zip and drink. Long run I take a rucksack with 2 bottles each with a litre, sweets, jumper, money etc. Frankly I find it all a bit complicated. For now I would get capris with a zip for phone, house keys etc, then progress as your needs dictate!!!

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I've just bought some Karrimor gloves from sports direct and they have a little key pocket in the palms - just big enough for a house key and very secure - until you discard the gloves when overheating ;)

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I have a portable pocket..."Roosport". It's a pocket that can be used with any pair of running pants. It is attached with magnets that are sewn in the material. It's big enough to carry my key, inhaler, my iPod, and a tissue. It's very lightweight, too.

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lynne7Graduate in reply to ginbin

That sounds good ginbin - will see if I can find one!

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I leave the kitchen sink and water behind.

I have an over the shoulder bag which has a Dicky Bag attached - to carry filled dog poo bags... did find myself resenting carrying *someone else's dog's large poo* on my last run. The over the shoulder bag contains dog treats, whistle, keys, extra gloves/buffs and if I've left my bag in the car, my (very stuffed) wallet and purse. My phone is in a neck purse, lead round my neck (unless the dog is on the lead in which case I am using it with a waist belt.

When I started C25K I used to carry my full normal backpack with book, notebook, laminated OS explorer map etc etc.

I have a rucksack which I've used precisely once, and a waist belt I've not used at all so far... I love my running jacket which has zipped pockets, so I have my phone in one and a buff in the other as I find my head and ears get cold when I'm on my warm down walk. Tissues, a very large wad, go in the pockets of my running trousers. My OH is usually at home so I rarely need to carry my key.

I bought a cycling top from aldi which has a small pocket in the back which takes iPod/phone and key. It's warm at this time of year. Well done with starting c25k and welcome to the forum.

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Thank you for all your responses. Looks like some sort of running belt is the way to go so I will try to find one. I am not in the UK at the moment so its not always so easy to find what I want/need!

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