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What do you use to carry your 'stuff' whilst running?

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I've got an adidas bum bag thing that I keep my phone, specs and house keys in when I run, but don't like the fact that it's around my waist as can't help thinking it's contributing to a bit of post-run back discomfort, does anyone have any useful/alternative tips for carry the same?

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I have a running backpack which is about the same size as the bum bag and also has room for a waterproof in case of rain. Most sports shops stock these, including versions which have a built in container for water.

Nice one! I'll take alook, thanks for the suggestion.

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I have small bum bag but sit it in front not around my back. It's no weight at all.

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I agree with Oldgirl - bum bag at the front. I wear a running top (or 2 depending on temperature) and I have on my old sleeveless cycling gilet which has a large back pocket. That is used for my lightweight waterproof jacket, beany hat and gloves. I put my MP3 player, phone, tissues, Fishermans friends, lip balm, emergency money, bank card for hole in the wall sometimes, and house keys in the various zipped sections of my bum bag. As I peel off layers they go in the big back pocket of the gilet. The bum bag strap is useful to clip my buff onto. Just undo the buckle and slot it on.

Job's a good-un!

As far as the back ache goes have you tried doing a few 'roll downs' before you start? I find that helps. I also do some body twists during my warm up. (arms out at shoulder level and swing them round horizontally)

p.s. Bra's are a good place for valuables but don't put your phone in there - the sweat will cause water damage!

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OldgirlGraduate in reply to Beek

Ooohhhh Beek your priceless, where do you pop the kitchen sink!?! ;)

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BeekGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

I tuck it under my left arm. How else would I get a drink? :) :)

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Rockette in reply to Beek

What's roll downs please ?

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BeekGraduate in reply to Rockette

That's a throw back to my Pilates days - for loosening your tired back. Stand straight, chin down to chest, then slowly allow head to drop and allow your arms to hang down towards the floor.

The effect is for your spine to open up and stretch itself. You stand there with your arms hanging loosely as low as is comfortable. It's nice!

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Rockette in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek I'll try that thurs . I'm suffering with slight post run back pain .

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I get mithered if I take too much stuff, and once I recall even a bunch of keys was like carrying a ton weight! So now I take just my door key. I left my specs at home yesterday as I was so fed up with being cluttered up. I needed all my pockets for flippin hankies! I wore one of those arm band mp3/phone holders yesterday as I was not wearing a jacket. It was good and it never moved. I was worried it might fall off or slip, and be annoying, but the velcro kept it in place. It could have been something to do with my rippling bicep muscle! Titter

Thank you all, lots of good suggestions here, not least Beek's advice on a few roll-downs before going out, I'm very good at spending a few minutes stretching at the end of a run but not before, so will try this. Not so sure about the bra thing though as being a man I might get locked up trying to tuck money into a passing ladies bra! I think the most interesting thing is hearing that I'm not the only one going out 'jangling' with all the clutter we carry!

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BeekGraduate in reply to catchmeifucan

Oops! Sorry, thought you were a lady. Mind you I do recall one male who's doctor recommended he wore a bra for his moobs to prevent runners nipple. And he posted about it on here!!! Can't remember his name but I thought he was very brave to tell us!

Another tip for your back - depending if you are somewhere out of sight - I do large shoulder rotations. Alternate windmill style rotations of arms as I do my warm up. It does help. I used to get tight shoulders and now I don't.

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Oh my word you have all got me in stitches here! LOL x

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BeekGraduate in reply to no-excuse

GOOD - because we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves with all this malarkey! :) :)

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To carry my smartphone ( which is the centre of my running life with it's running Apps and GPS, music, etc) , I found an old soft flexible spectacles case ( which looks a bit like this aspinal1.d3r-cdn.com/images... ) . It has a clip arrangement on the back which I clip over the top of my running shorts at my side. With a velcro top flap, it is quite easy to get to the phone and the earpiece cord comes out the top. I can see the future need for some kind of backpack or bum bag to carry a little water , car keys.

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I've got a y-fumble which holds my phone - y-fumble.com/ In fact I now keep my phone in it in my handbag when not running.

I tend to look for gear with pockets to stuff things in. Decathlon is good for that.

Nice suggestion, they look useful. Thanks again all for the advice...I swear you're all barmy!!

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I have an over the shoulder bag for the dog treats, a Muksak with an OnyaDumpIt attached for the dog poo, a neck pouch for my phone, the dog lead around my neck... and if I am running as a stop off and have my normal bag in the car, I take my very overstuffed wallet and purse in an Onyaback for safety, along with my bunch of keys (otherwise those go in the dog treat bag).

Yes, I do clank sometimes! However, when I first started I used to have my usual backpack on - which contains chequebook, OS Explorer map, waterless hand wash, reading glasses, a book, heavy Swiss army knife, notebook etc etc.

Thanks GoogleMe!

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to catchmeifucan

I should have said that the Onyaback is sufficiently lightweight and comfortable that I usually get back in the car forgetting I have it on.

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I used to wear a strap on my arm for my phone. Until, during the start of my local Parkrun, I was distracted trying to start my RunKeeper and smashed into a bin! Actual head over heels, both hands in planted firmly in the bottom of the bin, backside up in the air.

It hurt.

People laughed.

Probably won't wear that once I start running again. Blummin thing!

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I find the arm strap thing is more trouble than its worth - keeps slipping down (think maybe designed for big strapping men not weedy women like me?).

Door key goes in the little zip-up pocket at the back of my running tights, and ipod is held in my hand (so I can quickly fast forward when a naff tune comes on). Might need to re-think when it gets warmer so I can take a water bottle out too.

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I carry my door keys in the little back pocket of my tights and my smartphone tucked in my pants. These are tight shorts in fact. It works for me :D

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